San Juan County assistance programs.

Housing and rent assistance

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds is being provided to Farmington and San Juan County New Mexico to fund a variety of housing assistance programs. A good portion of the money will be used to pay for emergency rental assistance and provide housing money for those who are currently homeless and who need help to move into homes.

While some will be provided to the current homeless, the primary goal is to offer enough rent assistance to those who are in home or apartments now in order to prevent them from becoming homeless, according to the city of Farmington.

Contact the city, a local community action organization, or a charity such as the Salvation Army (phone (505) 327-5117) for more information on how to apply for these funds.

Federal stimulus grants for rent

Also, San Juan County Partnership (phone 505-325-4214) will be managing almost $400,000 in federal stimulus money that will be used for housing assistance programs. The funds will be used to both prevent homelessness, and also aid people who may have lost their homes. The money can be used to meet many needs, including:

  • Up to 18 months of rent can be paid.
  • Grants will be provided to pay for energy bills.
  • In addition, there are programs to provide money management advice, credit counseling and help with paying debts. Learn more.
  • Money for moving costs, first months rent, and deposits.
  • Case management.





Utility bill assistance in Farmington

The city of Farmington New Mexico is doing its part to help local families. The city has experienced a surge in the number of requests for help with paying for power bills in recent months. In response, they have contributed money to help more than 1,000 families in the area pay their bills from January through November, and they continue to provide funds today.

So far this year, the Farmington Electric Utility System (call 505-599-1353) has spent almost $125,000, which is an increase from $73,000 spent in the same period in 2008. A family or individual can get as much as $375 a year in utility bill assistance.

Another option is a New Mexico state program that is designed to keep utility service from being turned off during the coldest months is expected to give additional one time help and grants to more families this year. This option is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, and last year, more than 70,000 New Mexico families from across the state were helped by this federal funded program. This is also an increase from last year. Contact the Farmington Electric Utility System and ask about the city assistance program.

San Juan general financial assistance

Catholic Charities serves a large swath of territory in northern New Mexico, including the county seat of Aztec. The organization administer a number of resources for the low income and working poor in Farmington and San Juan County. Several programs are offered for immigrants, including low income legal assistance, shelter, and information on potential job opportunities. Low income families and others who are struggling may be able to qualify for very limited amounts of financial aid for paying expenses such as energy bills, rent, or food. Read more Catholic Charities San Juan assistance.




Social services from the Farmington Salvation Army can help the less fortunate, working poor, and struggling families as well as immigrants. There is a food pantry and fall/winter programs such as Christmas meals or free presents for kids. Emergency financial assistance may also be arranged by the church, including for paying back rent, energy bills, and more. Other resources range from a shelter to thrift store, summer camp for kids, and much more. More on the San Juan County Salvation Army.

San Juan Navajo Nation programs and social services are available for Native American. Qualified low income clients can get help from the nation. Some of the social services, ranging from TANF and LIHEAP type programs, are often combined with free food, job training, and work participation programs. The Division of Social Services offers numerous short and long term emergency assistance programs to the needy and working poor. Click here.

Locate non-profits that provide food and basic needs. There are several charities that partner together to end hunger, provide clothing, serves meals to the homebound, and help with non-monetary needs. Some of them are as follows.

  • Blanco Senior Center - They administer Meals on Wheels and offer counseling, vouchers for medications, and clothing to the elderly. Call 505-632-9146.
  • Frontline Mission - There is a food pantry and soup kitchen. Call 505-564-3740.
  • P.A.T.H. Daily Bread - Holiday meals, a food bank, SNAP food stamps and information on loan programs may be offered. Phone - 505-327-0956.
  • Many other resources are available. Read San Juan County food pantries.



By Jon McNamara

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