San Juan County Salvation Army assistance programs.

One of the Christian Faith based church based groups supporting the low income in San Juan County is the Salvation Army. The social service agency can provide for basic needs, such as food or clothing, with the possibility of some emergency financial assistance in limited instances. The charity, using funds from the thrift store, provides these services, housing, and more.

The main center is in the city of Farmington, but families from across the county can stop in. There are as many as 10 social services available, as noted below. However do to limited funding and other reasons, not everyone may be assisted and the support (such as funds for paying bills or rent) is often paid out on a first come – served basis.

The emergency financial assistance from the San Juan County Salvation Army is limited. It is focused just on that though, which is solving a crisis. The support is not for long term needs, but the Salvation Army social workers may be able to provide referrals to those. Examples may be SNAP food stamps or section 8 housing vouchers.

The financial aid may help with rent to stop homelessness or maybe a utility bill to keep the electricity or air conditioning on. Other uses of funds are for transportation to a job interview, work clothing, or even medications.

There are several worship and ministry services coordinated. These are all non-financial in nature. The focus of these ranges from supporting the youth to caring for seniors or responding in a disaster. The main services from the organization include Music and Arts Programs for kids as well as day camp or camping trips in San Juan County. These can help parents that need a safe place for their children to go during the summer. They also help residents that are recovering from a disaster.

Food and Nutritional Services is available at the pantry. The San Juan County Salvation Army uses donations of canned groceries, non-perishable goods such as cereal or soup, and rarely fresh fruits. These items are available at the food pantry to battle hunger in the Farmington and County. In fact, if someone were to donate $100, it can feed a family of for for a few days. If this center is not available, find other New Mexico food pantries.





Housing programs not only include the financial assistance for certain bills or rental costs indicated above, but there is also an emergency shelter available. This San Juan County Salvation Army service can keep people safe and even provide them with a hot meal. The center is for short term needs only, and there are shelters for men, women, immigrants, children, and even certain groups such as veterans.

The Farmington Salvation Army has seasonal programs too. These will focus on two different age groups in the region. They are for children as well as senior citizens. The donations to programs such as Angel Tree or the Red Kettle allow these groups to be given a free holiday meal, Christmas toy, or article of clothing.  Of course residents of San Juan County can always shop at the thrift store for gifts for their child as well.

Money is raised by the San Juan Salvation Army in two main ways. One is the annual bell ringer campaign (which always needs volunteers) and other funds come from the thrift store.  This location is open to the general public.

What may be sold depends on donations. The Family Store may sell clothing, furniture, baby supplies such as cribs or diaper genies, laptops and more. The center is very beneficial to a low income family that is setting up a new home, as they can shop there for low cost beds, couches, and much more.

The San Juan Salvation Army social workers and thrift store is at 319 W Broadway, Farmington, NM 87401. For information, dial (505) 327-5117.



By Jon McNamara

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