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Navajo Nation assistance programs.

Social Services from the Navajo Nation are available across the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Those that meet income limits can qualify for financial assistance and case managers will partner with clients on longer term solutions as well. Examples of the assistance programs for those that live on the tribal lands are below.

One of the main programs available is the Navajo Nation Department for Self Reliance Program, or NNDSR. This serves as their TANF, or the Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program. It can assist low income and poor Navajo Nation residents. The NNDSR program is established and run within the Navajo Nation Division of Social Services.

For those that are able to enroll, some short term cash assistance and grants may be issued. Families are also required to comply with the program requirements including following the established Work Participation requirements, developing a Personal Responsibility Plan that has goals to achieve self-reliance, complying with any Child Support Enforcement requirements and submitting Monthly Reports to verify continued eligibility for TANF funds.

It is a federal government funded program that assists eligible families from the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico with obtaining skills, knowledge, employment and experience while providing necessary resources to become self reliant. Social workers from the agency, under the NNDSR program requirements, work with families to help them become self-reliant. Some of the other initiatives and assistance includes.

  • Reduce and prevent the incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies.
  • Offer assistance to needy and low income families so that children may be cared for in their own homes or in the homes of relatives.
  • Eventually end any client dependency on government benefits or cash assistance by promoting job preparation, work and marriage.

Employment assistance and Supportive Services are available to assist income qualified customers in addressing and overcoming barriers in Work Participation Activities. Supportive Services include free books, tuition, and school supplies. There can be financial aid on the Navajo Nation to pay for worksite related expenses such as safety equipment, uniforms, and tools. Or get help in paying for any fees that are necessary to acquire and retain employment for example licensure, testing, and background checks. The nation may also help with transportation related expenses and needs.




Family and Domestic Violence Prevention and Services will offer help to victims of family violence and their dependents for purpose of preventing additional violence in their home. Some of the services are counseling, shelter, eviction prevention, crisis intervention, transportation, support services to children and families as well as legal advocacy. This is offered to those who are victims of violence, including women and children.

Other financial and cash assistance is available from the Navajo Nation for meeting everyday needs, such as utilities, rent, and food. This also can include burial assistance, short term education/training expenses, and certain emergency assistance needs.

The Navajo Nation Social Service Division also process applications for LIHEAP. This can help with paying cooling bills during the hot summer months and winter heating bills as well. A grant or credit may be placed onto the qualified households account.

Senior and adult services are for individuals requiring assistance such as transportation for medical appointments, groceries and general house cleaning. This can also include Adult In-Home Care Services, Elderly Protective Services, Arizona Long Term Care, and Institutional Care if needed.

Basic needs, such as clothing, is available for Navajo children who are attending school. This will also include items and emergency assistance to children whose family is experiencing a crisis such as a family displacement due to family hardship or burnout.





The main resource available is the Navajo School Clothing Program. This is also run by the Division of Social Services. The so called NSCP program is a limited resource that serves and assists student and families throughout the entire Navajo Nation and all states.

The program has provided school children and students with free clothing, supplies and uniforms on an annual basis. Many children have received clothing for years. A number of styles, fashions, textures, sizes and colors are offered for the students.

Navajo Division of Social Service provides most of its services in Arizona as well as New Mexico. Utah residents can also get help. Towns and cities supported within the State of Arizona include Grand Canyon, Joseph City, Marble Canyon, Flagstaff, Snowflake, Holbrook, Page, Wupatki, and Winslow.

For residents of New Mexico, they can receive financial assistance and support as well. Resources are available in Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield, Magdalena, Cuba, Kirtland, Grants, Milan, Socorro, and Gallup. The main offices are below.

Navajo Pine Market, Suite 1 & 2, Navajo, New Mexico 87328, main phone 505-777-2817

48 West Highway 264, Quality Inn Office Complex, 2nd Floor/Suite 215, Window Rock, AZ 86515. Dial 928-871-6818.

Administration Office, P.O. Box 2425, Window Rock, Arizona, 86515, call 928-871-6629



By Jon McNamara

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