Rent help in New York City.

Individuals and families across the entire New York City region can contact numerous agencies for rent assistance. Non-profit organizations, charities, and government funded programs are in place in Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. They can provide emergency financial assistance to New York residents for paying their rent or security deposits and funds to prevent an eviction.

Many of the non-profits focus on providing legal aid and eviction prevention services as well. This is also important when it comes to preventing homelessness. The New York City Department of Homeless Services has partnered with several non-profit organizations, law firms, and anti-eviction legal services providers in order to both help pay rent and keep families in their homes. Everyone from immigrants to seniors, minorities, single mothers and others can get free legal aid to address housing issues (including discrimination) as well as one time rental assistance.

Citywide rental and housing assistance programs

Find information on non-profits, charities, and programs by borough below. Not only can they usually assist residents in those specific parts of the city, but referrals may also be available. Some organizations are involved in providing rental assistance, shelter, or low income housing across the entire metropolitan area. There are other organizations that can offer assistance with a security deposit or first months rent expense. Some examples of them include the following.

Center for Urban Community Services - Assistance includes homeless prevention, shelter, and both transitional and permanent housing. Case managers provide other support as well, including budgeting, career counseling and job search assistance. Click here for more information on housing assistance from Center for Urban Community Services.





Family Eviction Prevention Supplement offers payments to cover any back rent that may be due by the family. If the eviction is prevented, a monthly subsidy can help with future housing payments. More on the New York City eviction supplement.

Emergency Cash grants - The One shot program can cover numerous housing expenses, including security deposits, energy costs, and a portion of a tenants rent expense as well. Funds are used to prevent homelessness in New York City .Read more onNYC One Shot Deal.

Hebrew and Jewish Society - Interest free loans may be issued for emergency rent or paying other housing costs such as a security deposit for the homeless. There may be restrictions to the applicant’s faith on some of their programs, but others are more wide ranging. Click more information on interest free loans for rent in New York City.

The Department of Human Resources Administration is involved in many housing assistance programs. They can provide emergency grants to help with rent or energy bill payments, provide supportive housing for the disabled or seniors, and operate shelters. HRA is also involved in legal aid, providing rental and deposit assistance to immigrants, free eviction help in housing court, operate income based rental homes in the city, and much more. Continue with homeless prevention services in New York City.

LINC (Living in Communities) is a program in which Human Resources Administration takes a lead. The homeless or recently evicted in New York City can receive a grant to help subsidize their monthly rent in a new home or low income apartment. Assistance is for victims of domestic violence, the poor, and others. Read more on the Living in Communities rent subsidy program.





NYC emergency solution grants are available based on federal government funding levels. The money can be used for rent to stop an eviction or housing expenses to place someone into a new home or apartment. The program is available for a diverse group, including anyone with a low income facing a crisis. Grants are often received by seniors citizens as well as the disabled as well. Dial (212) 639-9675 for referrals to the program.

The Central Council of Society of St. Vincent de Paul operates across New York and all boroughs. Based on volunteers and donation levels, they may have some money as a form of rental or utility assistance. Or the church can provide referrals to other non-profits. Telephone - (212) 755-8615.

Helpline from Catholic Charities can be reached at 888-744-7900. Regardless of the resident’s religion, the working poor may learn about rent programs as well as housing assistance. There may be emergency financial aid for paying rent arrears to stop eviction, shelters in New York City, and more. Programs are also for the vulnerable such as new immigrants, the elderly or single parents.

Housing Court Answers operates an eviction and homeless prevention hotline. Dial 212-962-4795. Information on rental assistance, shelter, and legal support is available across all of New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

They also help ensure apartments are repaired by landlords, offer referrals to loans and financial aid for rent, utilities, and deposits, or also lists local shelter. Landlord mediation can also be arranged for tenants to stop an eviction. More on programs from Housing Court Answers.

The Office of Civil Justice uses government grants to provide both free anti-eviction as well as anti-harassment legal aid. All tenants in New York City that are behind on their rent and/or facing eviction due to discrimination, unsafe living conditions, or another challenge can get free legal assistance from the city. There may also be referrals to grant programs from HRA for paying back rent, money to pay for relocation or moving fees, and other support. Continue with Office of Civil Justice.

Bronx rent assistance programs

The agencies below can provide free legal assistance and advice to help stop an eviction throughout the Bronx area. Also get information on grants, government programs, and other options that can help pay back rent for someone facing a crisis.




Legal Aid Society (Bronx)
953 Southern Boulevard
Bronx, New York 10459
Phone: 718-991-4758

LSNY Bronx
369 East 148th Street
Bronx, NY 10455

Neighborhood Association for Intercultural Affairs
Main address: 1055 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10452
Contact - 718-538-3344

CAMBA Legal Services
855 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11226
Phone number 718-287-0010

Help with rent in Brooklyn

Get information on local organizations in Brooklyn New York that can prevent evictions and provide emergency rental assistance to qualified individuals and families. Each may have its own application process and limited funding, but they may be able to help.

Legal Aid Society (Brooklyn)
166 Montague
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Telephone - 718-722-3100
Focuses more on offering free or low cost legal advice, landlord/tenant mediation services, and other support to renters.

South Brooklyn Legal Services
105 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201





Brooklyn Community Housing and Services
The agency provides eviction prevention services, access to shelter and transitional housing (such as the Navy Green SRO) and support to veterans. A number of services are provided to renters in the Brooklyn region. Click here on rent assistance from Brooklyn Community Housing.

Bedford Stuyvesant Legal Services
1360 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Telephone - 718-636-1155
Speak to a counselor to learn about landlord/tenant mediation and rental assistance programs in the Brooklyn area.

Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation
260 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Dial 718-487-2322

LSNY Brooklyn
Address: 180 Livingston Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen's Council
217 Wyckoff Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Dial 718-366-3800 for rent and housing assistance.
In addition to funds, clients can get information on affordable senior housing in the Brooklyn and greater New York City region.

Queens New York rental assistance

Below you will find a listing of non-profit organizations to call for rent help. Contact them to learn about the application process and financial assistance that is available.

Queens Legal Services
Main address: 89-00 Sutphin Boulevard
Jamaica, New York 11435
Dial 718-657-8611
Get referrals to financial aid, resources for rent or eviction prevention in the Queens region, and other direct support.





Legal Aid Society (Queens)
120-46 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
Phone number: 718-286-2461
Receive free legal support to prevent an eviction. The non-profit may also be able to coordinate grants and financial rent for paying rent and housing expenses.

Find additional rental assistance in Queens.

Manhattan NYC rental programs

The organizations that offer rent and housing assistance as well as eviction prevention programs in Manhattan include the following. Some can direct people to grant programs, others will provide free legal eviction prevention advice, and other provide information on federal government and state programs.

EHNBAC - East Harlem Neighborhood Based Alliance
 2253 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10035
Telephone - 212-289-1900
Homeless prevention services are available to the Harlem area only. Staff can help people apply for emergency rent help from One Shot deals, coordinate mediation with landlords, refer to programs for security deposits, and coordinate shelter. All of the resources are based on money raised and resources available.

Eviction Intervention Services
150 E. 62nd Street
New York, New York 10021
Dial 212-308-2210 for rent help and eviction prevention.

Legal Aid Society (Harlem/CLO)
230 E. 106th Street
New York, NY 10029

Legal Aid Society (Manhattan Court House)
Office is at 111 Centre St.
New York, NY 10013
Telephone number - 212-766-2450

Legal Aid Society (Lower Manhattan)
Address: 199 Water St.
New York, New York 10038
Has information on and coordinates with charities and non-profits across New York City, such Catholic Charities. Get information on financial assistance for basic needs, including rent and security deposits.





Harlem Legal Services
55 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027
Call: 212-348-7449
While the focus is on guidance and legal support, the non-profit may have referral or information on places to turn to for emergency rental assistance.

LSNY Manhattan
90 John Street
New York, NY 10038
Phone - 646-442-3100
Attorneys, paralegals, volunteers, and other staff are available to help you with your housing issue.

Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp.
76 Wadsworth Ave.
New York, NY 10033
Phone number - 212-822-8300

Staten Island

Legal Aid Society (Staten Island)
60 Bay Street
Staten Island, NY 10301
Call 718-273-6677 for information.

There are other grants, charities, and government rent assistance programs. Or they help families access affordable low income housing or apartments. Find rent assistance in State Island.

Homeless assistance in New York City

Families that have been evicted can contact the Coalition for the Homeless. They operate across all of New York City. The non-profit runs emergency shelters, transitional housing and more. The goal is to help individuals gain self-sufficiency and have a place to stay. While more limited, they may offer grants for paying rent if someone is facing an eviction.

One of the agency's primary resources for help is the RAP, or rental assistance program. If the applicant is working, but is still homeless, then there may be cash assistance or maybe a loan issued by the Coalition to that individual. The funds can be used to pay for a security deposit or rental expense. A number of conditions will need to be met by the beneficiary. More on New York City RAP.

They do offer, and emphasize, job training and employment services. Basic needs such as clothing, food and job care may be arranged by the Coalition. They want residents of the city to find a new, permanent home or apartment. Even more importantly, the staff will ensure that clients can pay the rent once they are placed into a new home. So a wide range of housing solutions are offered. Continue with Coalition for the Homeless housing programs.

Volunteers of America - New York is one of the nation’s and cities leading non-profits for the recently evicted and homeless. The agency, its staff, and partners offer numerous housing programs for a wide range of individuals, regardless of their age, religion, race, etc.





The local VOA organization runs emergency shelters and transitional housing programs. They can also help place individuals into a new home in the New York City region and direct them to rental assistance programs. Veterans, victims of domestic violence, and seniors are some of the main clients, but anyone who is struggling can turn to them. Read more Volunteers of America Greater New York.

Pro bono legal aid

In addition to all of the locations, non-profits, charities, and agencies listed above, another option is LawHelp. This is a Web site that may be able to provide family, individual and single adult tenants who live in the greater New York City area with a list of non-profit and pro bono legal services. The various organizations provide legal representation for those facing eviction from their home or apartment.


By Jon McNamara

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