New York City One Shot emergency grant program.

A cash grant is provided in New York City as part of the One Shot program. The emergency fund was created in an effort to assist families and individuals that are faced with an unexpected crisis situation that was not caused by them. A number of conditions need to be met and a formal application process is in place, with more details on One-Shot below.

Funds can be used to meet a variety of needs and expenses Some of the more common requests are for assistance with paying home energy and utility bills when faced with a disconnection, rental assistance in cases of eviction, the purchase of personal items for safety and health issues, and maybe even disaster assistance including partial reimbursement for moving expenses. Funds are usually paid out to prevent homelessness, to pay for heating during the winter, or medications for a life threatening condition. So the need has to be extreme and urgent.

As indicated, the city does set several conditions. Maybe the best way to determine if you qualify for a One Shot grant is to contact a social services agency in your borough. Residents can stop by a location in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, or any other part of New York City. The reason this is always a good idea as you may be referred to another local or federal government benefit program in lieu of a One Shot. If you have no other option, then the social worker may refer the individual to the job center or HRA office in your neighborhood.

Applications are also accepted and processed at your local Human Resources Administration office. They are located around all of New York City, including in Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan. Anyone who applies will need to meet with a social worker, they need to meet several eligibility guidelines and they will need to be agree to be subject to an investigative review of their application.

The social service staff will need to evaluate the client's situation, income levels, and crisis situation. They will determine the benefit that can be provided, if any. All requests for One Shot assistance are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Potential clients will meet with a case worker who will review your documents, so be prepared. They will often make a follow-up appointment with applicants. In addition, candidates will also have to meet with the Bureau of Eligibility Verification and the process they have in place.




Type of expenses and bills paid by One Shot

While the New York City program can address various needs, the most common One Shot requests are for paying rent, utilities and moving costs. However families often have other options available to them as well for one time cash assistance for those needs. In addition, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/TANF and ODVEIS programs may have emergency funding. Other resources include HEAP, UAP and Heatline, which can provide a form of One Shot grants when needed. While these services are related, FIA/TANF and ODEVIS are organizationally separate entities with their own funding and terms.

Sometimes the beneficiary will need to repay the city. The Human Resources Administration will review several scenarios in order to make this decision. In general, those New York City families who do not have to pay HRA back include residents with children in the household who show good reason for falling behind on rent, SSI recipients, and also those that are receiving four months of rent assistance or less.

In general, people who need to repay some or all of the grant money include those without children in the household, families receiving more than four months of housing expenses, Public Assistance recipients, and those who do not have a great reason for their struggles.

As indicated, documentation and proof of hardship is required. You should be prepared to have some or all of the following. Copy of your lease or rent bill, Photo ID, Housing court papers, social security cards for all household members, and proof of income.





Applying for emergency one-shot rent help in NYC

The main phone number for Human Resources Administration is 718-557-1399. Call for information or referrals to a local office.


By Jon McNamara

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