Volunteers of America Greater New York assistance programs.

Programs from the non-profit Volunteers of America in Greater New York City are focused on families facing eviction, the currently homeless, and those that are seeking permanent, affordable housing in the city. The organization has information on emergency shelters, transitional housing, rent assistance programs and other resources in the region. They are one of the areas main provider of services to individuals that are homeless or that are at risk of evictions or becoming homeless. Some of the main programs and facilities are noted below.

Local shelters and transitional housing in New York City and surrounding boroughs

Community Support Services Program runs Transitional Shelters for qualified individuals. It provides disabled clients or those with a mental condition access to comprehensive services. The agency will also assist them in obtaining permanent housing. Call (212) 369-8900.

Keener Assessment and Rapid Re-housing Shelter is a facility with over 200 beds. Social workers will assess qualified clients’ immediate needs upon entry into the shelter system. In addition, assistance can help place them back into permanent or transitional housing units. (212) 269-8900.

The Jamaica Women’s Next Step Shelter is a facility that can serve the city’s most resistant clients. The shelter will offer intensive, structured case management services. Clients need to attend these sessions and this will help them overcome the barriers that have prevented them from moving out of the shelter system into permanent housing. Phone (718) 262-1450.

Valhalla Residence in nearby Westchester County New York is a transitional residence for homeless adults that are medically frail. Call (914) 345-0310.

Low demand transitional housing is available from the 80 bed Safe Haven facility. It provides clients with case management services and direct care. The center is for both veterans and long-term homeless men. Phone (718) 293-2930.

The Schwartz Next Step Shelter is more structured and service intensive program for clients in New York that have not been successful in completing their goals. Call (212) 369-8900 for details.




Homeless adults and childless couples have support offered to them from the Grasslands Homeless Shelter. The 100+ bed center offers a transitional residence to qualified Westchester County New York residents. Telephone number is (914) 231-4200.

Volunteers of America New York Permanent Supportive Housing

The first option, known as Eden House, is a residence providing supportive housing to homeless people and those living with a mental illness, AIDS, or HIV. Another option, the East New York SRO, is a permanent supportive housing unit to formerly homeless people with HIV and AIDS or a mental illness. (718) 566-8750

Veterans in New York City can use the Commonwealth Veterans Residence. This is a 150-unit facility providing supportive and transitional housing. Call (718) 904-7036 for information.

Other more permanent housing units for people with a disability, mental illness, or a severe medical condition include.
Rose House  - (212) 932-3220
Webster House has over 200 unites. Call (718) 590-9099
Richard F. Salyer House. Call (212) 543-1607. Note this may also have housing for the elderly.

The Continuum of Care is also for veterans. Volunteers of America works to help military personnel achieve full independence and live safely in the greater New York City community. Resources include Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), Safe Haven transitional housing, Permanent supportive housing, Per Diem two-year transitional housing, and also short term emergency housing for homeless veterans directly discharged from VA hospitals.

Transitional Housing for entire families

The centers and facilities below are for New York City families. They will also offer them free case management, information on long term options, and support from a Volunteers of America Greater New York social worker. Also get information on obtain permanent housing at the centers.
The Lydia E. Hoffman Family Residence, (718) 893-0909
Regent Family Residence, dial (212) 865-7000
University Family Residence - telephone (718) 590-5353.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) administrates the Volunteers of America – Greater New York program. This works to ensure short and long term housing stability for veterans and their families who are facing eviction or that are homeless. Staff that are part of the SSVF program will coordinate the largest veteran outreach  program in the city or on Long Island. The components of the SSVF and Volunteers of America – Greater New York program include the following.

  • Emergency rent help and eviction prevention.
  • Housing, shelter, and transitional units.
  • Job and Vocational Counseling.
  • Family Reunification, if applicable.

The transitional housing and apartments for veterans that are offered by Volunteers of America – Greater New York are noted below.

  • Patriot House, 1134 Bryant Avenue, Bronx, New York 10459, call (718) 841-6229. This is an apartment-style emergency housing unit that allows people to stay for up to 6 months.
  • Cromwell Avenue Safe Haven, 1365 Cromwell Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452, (718) 293-2930. Housing is for the chronically homeless veterans.
  • The East 119th Street Veterans Residence is a Permanent Supportive Housing unit. The address is 22 East 119th Street, NY, NY, 10036, (646) 794-5000.
  • Commonwealth Veterans Residence is in the Bronx and is located at 1150 Commonwealth Avenue, Bronx, New York 10472. Call (718) 904-7036. This offers supportive housing and case management services to formerly homeless veterans.

Supportive Transitional Housing is also provided by the VA Grant Per Diem Program. This is a Volunteers of America-Greater New York program for those families that are exiting a local shelter. Intensive case management, employment services and more is for residents. Case workers from Volunteers of America help these men and women seek employment, obtain permanent housing, apply for government benefits, access rent assistance, and create and manage a budget. They can also help with security deposits and/or moving costs.

Resources for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and their families are wide ranging. In addition to some of the housing programs indicated above, the non-profit will help these individuals to learn to navigate through their community. Get information on employment opportunities and support in maximizing skills and abilities. Volunteers of America works to help people reach their full potential to live safely, and as independently as possible.

Residential Services Program is a key program that operates on Staten Island. It offers men and women with a developmental disability a comfortable, safe and nurturing home environment. There will be attractive homes and apartments available for clients and each unit is designed to meet the needs of the those with a disability. (718) 448-4730.

Northern New Jersey is supported by Alletta House. This is housing for residents with developmental disabilities and it is located in a small, residential community setting. Staff work with individuals to help them pursue their goals and interests, develop life skills, and engage in community-based activities. Phone number is (732) 827-2444.

Housing services for seniors and older adults

Most elderly people would rather continue to live and remain in their own home then move to a nursing home or other institutional setting. Volunteers of America will work with seniors in New York City to give them the support they need that keeps them engaged, and not isolated.





The Volunteers of America Case Management for Older Adults is a program designed to allow seniors and the elderly on Staten Island to remain in their homes. The non-profit will provide and coordinate the community resources and any other family support they need to be safe, healthy and happy. Phone (718) 720-2070.

In nearby Jersey City, Harborview Apartments is a so called independent-living residence that allows over 100 older adults to remain living in apartments of their own. Social workers from Volunteers of America will provide comprehensive service plans, make referrals to financial aid and offer follow-up to ensure services are delivered. Call (201) 432-1377 for details.

Low income housing for residents impacted by domestic violence

The New York City branch of Volunteers of America provides a safe, confidential and affordable refuge for families and individuals recovering from domestic violence. Their continuum of care programs begin with an emergency hotline call or referral that will ideally lead to housing.

The non-profit runs emergency transitional programs and apartments in New York. They also have secure, scattered-site housing where women and children can find the shelter and support they need to start the process of healing. Staff and counselors also offer comprehensive case-management services and information on legal support.

Residents of these domestic vigilance programs also receive mental health and medical services, job and housing assistance, crisis intervention, and free legal advocacy. The children of domestic violence situations also benefit from interventions appropriate for their age and situations. The Volunteers of America hotline in New York City is (800) 621-4673.

Short-term emergency shelter care is available for teenagers and youth in need of housing. The non-profit will do their best to offer immediate placement into housing in centers in Jersey City. There are sites in Jersey City and Plainfield. Additional Volunteers of America treatment homes are located in West Paterson, Clifton, and Wayne. Support is also offered for young women and men about to age out of foster care.

For the youth who are striving to live independently, Volunteers of America will offer short term, supportive housing which will lead to permanent residence. Other options include the Parenting Skills Partnership Program, Intensive In-home Counseling and Childrearing Education (PEACE) program. The numerous youth and family programs are accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). Call (732) 827-2444 for details.

Housing dedicated for HIV/AIDS patients

The agency will offer medical case management, counseling, recreation and a full range of other supportive services for individuals and their caretakers. Volunteers of America runs scattered-site housing and residential programs in New York City for those that are affected by HIV/AIDS.
-Horizon Program is over 100 apartments in the Bronx and Manhattan. It provides patients and those impacted with permanent, community-based housing and comprehensive health and social services.
-Harmony House is located in Manhattan. Call (212) 924-0907.

Additional New York Volunteers of America programs

Operation Backpack distributes free school supplies across New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and nearby areas. The non-profit and its volunteers distribute a large amount of school supplies, books, backpacks and more. They partner with shelters in an effort to help children that are living in New York City's homeless and domestic violence shelters.

The backpacks from Volunteers of America Greater New York will be filled with grade-specific, free school supplies. Among other things, this VOA program will help relieve low income and struggling parents of a financial burden of buying supplies for a student. It help the child and feel more like their classmates as they have the supplies they need.

The primary Volunteers of America-Greater New York office is located at 340 West 85th Street, New York, NY 10024-3800. Telephone number is 212.873.2600.


By Jon McNamara

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