Randolph County assistance programs.

The state of North Carolina and the Asheboro area have hit hit hard by the weak economy. Luckily several different charities and non-profits can provide short term help for bills, rent, debts, and provide other forms of emergency aid.

Help for unexpected bills and emergencies

The Christians United Outreach Center can provide low income, unemployed, and other needy individuals with help from their financial crisis intervention center. They also have an on site food pantry and a thrift store. You can call them at (336) 625-1500.

  • Financial Crisis Intervention - This options provides cash and grants to pay living expenses. Qualified individuals can get money to help pay for basic needs such as their rent and mortgage, prescription medications, utility bills, medication, auto repairs and the like.
  • Thrift store and food pantry - This is another option for struggling people. It provides clothing, food, furniture, household supplies, personal hygiene items, and more.
  • Homeless program - For anyone who is now homeless, they run a program called Project Independence which is a 2 year program. It helps people find a home or apartment, and offers money for paying rent, security deposits, provides help finding a job, and other support.




Many other resources are offered, such as information on non-interest loans or housing for the low income from Project Independence. Find assistance from Christians United Outreach Center.

Asheboro Salvation Army ((336) 625-0551) has a local branch located on East Dixie Street. This non-profit charity agency offers qualified individuals with several different resources and services. Among them include the following. Get access to some housing help, such as possibly funds for paying your rent or mortgage. They can provide free food, or direct people on where to turn to for groceries. They are a tremendous resource to use to learn about other local non-profits, as well as federal government programs.





Free clothes, holiday assistance, and basic needs can be available at clothing closets. Families can also turn to low cost thrift stores in Randolph County. Between these two options, individuals , seniors, and families can get the goods they need. The sites may sometimes have other items as well such as food or financial aid. Read more.

High Point area Open Door Ministries - Several assistance programs are available, with a focus on housing needs. Families, seniors, and the homeless from the area can call for information and referrals. Examples of programs include.

  • Emergency shelter and transitional housing, including the Arthur Cassell.
  • Free food and hot meals from an Open Door pantry and soup kitchen.
  • Limited financial support for bills in a crisis.
  • Several other programs are administered. More details.

Charitable, government, and non-profit housing programs - Any Randolph County resident who is facing eviction, homeless, behind on their rent, or struggling to keep up can seek local resources. There are several organizations, ranging from charities to non-profits, that offer cash grants, loans, emergency shelter, rent or deposit help, and much more. Find rent assistance in Randolph County.

Free legal services, consultations, and advice

If you have a civil legal problem, and can’t afford an attorney, you have options. Non-profit law firms can help people with such legal issues including free legal aid for foreclosures, help dealing with debt collectors, advice on landlord / tenant issues, and provide help with utility disconnections. The Central Carolina Legal Services, which can be reached at 1-800-951-2257, is the local non-profit law firm for Randolph County. Click here to learn more on North Carolina legal assistance programs.

Randolph County medical, health, and dental care

The Merce Clinic can provide medical services to people who are low income and / or uninsured. Most of the medical services offered are either free, or the cost is based upon a sliding scale. (336) 672-1300.




Home repairs and weatherization

The Caring Place is a local social services agency that can also provide assistance. Many of their programs have to do with housing issues, but you can contact them for advice on how to get help paying bills, debts, and other expenses. (336) 629-2464

  • Home repairs - They run an assistance program that provides minor home repairs. Get help with such issues as minor plumbing and electrical repairs, home modifications, and other aid.
  • Home furnishings - The program may also provide people with refrigerators, furniture, or other household items.
  • Weatherization - This program can help people save hundreds of dollars per year on utility bills. It was designed to help meet the need for adequate protection and an efficient home against the winter’s cold and the summer’s heat. It focuses on the homes of the elderly, low income and the disabled. Senior citizens suffering with high energy expenses are also eligible for weatherization assistance. So are families with children under the age of 19. Low income families who have high energy bills can also get help. Priority is given to improving the overall energy efficiency of a home.


By Jon McNamara

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