Christians United Outreach Center emergency assistance.

Christians United Outreach Center is a regional non-profit organization that working poor families can call on in an emergency. Based on the availability of resources, the agency may have funds for certain bills such as rental or utility expenses. Other resources from the Randolph County charity include free food from a pantry or clothing for work, as well as Christmas and holiday help.

Residents can apply for help from the agency. While they will try to assist whenever possible, the fact is that is many instances the organization just can't assist someone. Maybe it is due to the fact the person seeking help has no source of income, or in other cases there just are not funds available. In either case, staff will direct a client to some other program to try.

Various emergency housing initiatives are available in the community, and they range from rental assistance to evictions to referrals to foreclosure counseling for homeowners. If a family is found qualified by the Christians United Outreach Center application process, then clients may apply for financial assistance.

Any money will come with restrictions on what types of expenses can or can't be paid. Uses of the money will range from security deposits for a new low income apartment to first month's rent. Or, if someone has an eviction notice, then no interest loans may be used for back rent expenses or an energy bill. Households with children as well as single parents take priority. Also, senior citizens may also benefit from rental assistance, depending upon meeting program eligibility guidelines.

Assistance is for the homeless in the city of Asheboro and across the county. Residents can get referrals to emergency shelters as well as homes that are used for transitional housing. The “guests” of this units will also benefit from a variety of supportive and essential services such as referrals, credit counseling and employment assistance. Funding for these resources can from a number of sources, including both donations from private sources to government aid such as Emergency Shelter Grant and Community Development Block Grants.

Transitional housing is part of CUOC Project Independence. This is a multi year service that use case managers to help the homeless and housing poor. The charity will help them get past the barriers, such as underemployment. The goal is to help them access low income apartments in Asheboro.




Christians United Outreach Center will always focus on the underlying cause of a crisis too, which is often under or unemployment. So work ready services are available, often in partnership with one stop job centers or Department of Public Welfare.

Employment programs in Randolph County provide clients with a full range of training and educational services, and they are focused on people with limited employability. Many of the people that call upon Christians United Outreach Center or these job centers have repeatedly failed in other programs and still can't manage to get a job with an income high enough to support their needs.

Therefore, services at CPC include guided job search and placement, skills training, job readiness preparation, and other support, all of which will be done in various non-profit locations. There are partnerships with either community service agencies or paid work experience. In addition, local businesses in Asheboro will also sometimes offer subsidized employment opportunities.

A Thrift Store is located at 135 Sunset Ave. in Asheboro. The location is manned by volunteers, and donated goods are resold to the public. There may be clothing, furniture, and much more available.





Food assistance from Christians United Outreach Center

The non-profit will offer a few hunger prevention resources, both directly or by referrals. Some of them are as follows.

  • USDA Commodity Program is an option. There can be canned goods and bags of groceries to eligible families.
  • Children and students can benefit from Summer Food Service. This was created to provide youth nutritious meals when school is not in session, such as school vacations from May to August. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s is a key partner on this in Randolph County.
  • Senior Services is a multi-service program that offers Meals on Wheels from CUOC volunteers and other support.
  • Food banks are run by Christians United Outreach Center. Low income families facing a crisis can turn to the centers.

During the holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, volunteers from CUOC and partners try to ensure families have some type of joy. This will include passing out food baskets, such as a Turkey. Children with no presents to open may be given a small toy for under the Christmas tree, or maybe a piece of clothing. Regardless, some form of food or meal is offered.

The above list is just some of the resources available. There are also services such as Neighbord Helping Neighbors, which assists with any number of needs. Case managers can also direct residents to public aid or the county social service office, so much more is provided as well. Call Christians United Outreach Center at (336) 625-1500, or stop by 930 South Fayette Street, Asheboro, North Carolina 27204.




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