Racine County assistance programs.

There are organizations in Racine County that provide financial help. A list of the main charities, government programs, and churches that offer help with heating bills or rent, a box of free food, and more are below. Many forms of support are available, including advice on enrolling into job programs, free debt reduction services, and even access to affordable housing for lower income families.

Organizations and resources that can aid people with bills and expenses

Many families and individuals across the area need help for the first time in their lives. Unemployment and the weak economy have sent large numbers of people to charities, social service agencies, and government assistance programs in search of food, rent help, utility bill assistance, clothing and shelter. A few of the local organizations and resources are referenced below.

Programs from Racine/Kenosha Community Action Agency

This community action agency has a wide variety of programs, and can refer people to other local agencies if they can’t provide them what they need. They are located in Racine Wisconsin, and can be reached at (262) 637-8377. They offer housing assistance, as well as the Winter Crisis and Regular Heating Bill Assistance programs mentioned below.

The agency is the primary provider of housing, rent, and mortgage assistance to people who are facing eviction, fighting a foreclosure, or who may be currently homeless. They can provide households with rent help, escrow or mortgage assistance, and foreclosure counseling. They provide hands on assistance in searching for housing, will negotiate directly with reluctant landlords or mortgage companies, offer foreclosure mediation, and will also arrange for supports depending on individual needs and someone’s financial situation. Click here to learn more about foreclosure mediation.





Winter Crisis Assistance

If you are facing a disconnection, have no heat, if you have run out of fuel, or if you have received a disconnect notice from your utility company or heating fuel dealer, and if you are low on money, you may be eligible for help from the Crisis Assistance program. Crisis Assistance provides grants for both Emergency Services and Proactive Services to families in need. Contact the community action agency.

Regular heating bill assistance, as well as rent help

This Wisconsin energy bill assistance program, which is known as WHEAP and is also administered by the Racine Community Action Agency (number above), is a one-time cash grant/benefit payment that is available for each heating season. Grants can be applied for from October 1 through May 15 of each year. The program is intended to help you pay for a portion of your home heating bills and costs. It is important to note that the grant is not intended to cover the entire annual cost of your home heating costs.

The exact amount each client will receive varies. The amount that will be provided of the heating assistance benefit will depend on your family income, household size, and also your household heating costs. The grant is sent directly to your fuel supplier and not to the applicant.

The agency is also a key provider of offering rent and housing assistance to individuals and families at risk of becoming homeless in Racine county. They operate shelters for the homeless, and are involved in providing households with funds to pay rent arrearage assistance.





If those solutions do not work, then case managers from RKCAA can even refer tenants to grant based solutions for their housing needs, or if a family is not qualified, then loans may be used. Call (262) 637-8377, or find details on Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency programs.

Salvation Army

This non-profit agency offers several programs as well. They can also refer people to other local charities and aid organizations. The Racine Salvation Army administers a rental assistance program, can provide food, and they offer grants for emergency aid, such as for health care and prescription medications. They can be reached at 632-3147. Click here to find other ways to get medical bill help.

While the center will have some direct financial aid, most of the support they provide is through referrals to regional churches and non-profits in Wisconsin. For example, they have information on programs that can help seniors, general social services, and assistance for children. They can also help families apply for government aid such as food stamps and heating bill assistance. More Salvation Army Racine programs.

Free food and groceries

The Holy Communion Church, which is located 2000 W. Sixth St., serves up to 100 people per day and provides them with free food and groceries. The on site food pantry saw a 10 percent increase in the number of families it serves since last year. And two years ago the increase was almost 30 percent. They provide people with free meals and other food aid.

Eviction prevention and rent assistance in Racine Wisconsin

Racine's Legal Action (Phone: (262) 635-8836) is one of the agencies that administers the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program. This program  provides temporary rent and utility bill assistance. People in the program need to have a total household income that is lower than the county median by 50 percent or more.

For the government’s homeless prevention program, families or individuals must have a current residence in the county. They must also have a signed lease, limited financial resources with which to obtain housing, an eviction notice from the landlord, and no other appropriate housing options.




There is also help for people who have lost their home. For the rehousing program, individuals or families must be homeless and residing in a shelter or on the street.

Non-profit and government programs - Racine County is supported by several non-profit organizations, charities, and government assistance programs. People who are faced with an eviction, or who may be currently homeless, may qualify for cash assistance for paying security deposits and/or their monthly rent. Learn more.

Housing grants from both HUD as well as ESG related agencies are available. The currently homeless, tenants, homeowners, and others who are behind may qualify for financial assistance and more. Continue with eviction and foreclosure prevention in Racine County.

Free or low cost health car in Racine

A local non-profit agency that patients can turn to is Health Care Network, Inc. The facility offers qualified individuals with free or low cost health and medical care, and the services are available to residents who live in Racine County Wisconsin. The programs are focused on those who are medically uninsured and/or have a limited income to pay for medical or hospital bills. Dial 262-632-2400. Click here for more free health care programs.

Another community clinic, The Racine Community Health Center (RCHC) provides underinsured and low income families access to doctors, dentists, nurses and behavioral health services. Service's offered by the clinic include: primary health care, family planning, pregnancy testing, teen health, well child exams, geriatric treatment, school and sport exams, treatment for chronic illness, and more. (262) 886-0474

Western Racine County Health Department offers free or low cost health care and free prescription drugs to patients and residents of Racine County who are medically uninsured and have a limited income. Dial (262) 763-4926.

Food bank and free food

The Racine County Food Bank (phone (262) 632-2307) partners with local charities and food distribution centers. The charity facilitates distribution of food, groceries and other life necessities to Racine County individuals and families in need of help with food and nutritional items.

Emergency financial assistance

Racine County Human Services Department (phone 262-638-6400) runs, among other programs, the Emergency Assistance (EA) Grant which can help pay heating and utility bills if facing an energy crisis, provide rent if facing homelessness or impending homelessness. This is the primary agency to contact for public benefits and assistance.





Other resources available in the county include Wisconsin Shares, which can help pay for child care costs. Employment assistance is available at the Human Services Workforce Development Center. They also process applications for WHEAP, Meals on Wheels, and FoodShare, among other programs. Read more.

While not focused on emergencies, low income families can get help at the holidays. There are services for everyone from those living in poverty to the unemployed, single moms, or elderly. Programs provide free toys and Christmas gifts to kids, offer holiday food baskets to the less fortunate, and provide support. More information.

Love, Inc. Community Centers runs a number of assistance programs and services for the low income and needy. The emergency Rent Payment Assistance program is a once a year financial assistance program offering rent vouchers for people in need, and the money goes to their landlord. Other services are clothing for families (such as shoes for kids and winter coats), a free food pantry and soup kitchens, medical equipment, and financial mentoring. The office is at 480 S Pine St, Burlington, Wisconsin 53105, call (262) 763-6226. More on emergency assistance from Love of Racine.

By Jon McNamara

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