Love Inc. of Racine County services and assistance programs.

Love Inc. is involved in coordinating assistance across Racine County. The charity organization works with churches, non-profits, and social services agencies in an effort to help those that are less fortunate, unemployed, or that meet low income guidelines. Resources range from basic needs such as clothing and food to referrals to housing and rental programs.

Some of the main services administered are below. Resources and funding levels are limited. While Love Inc. will try to help as many Racine County families as possible, if they can't then referrals may be arranged. As noted, many churches or other groups participate in offering these assistance programs.

Basic needs such as holiday programs and food or clothing

Holiday programs include Adopt-A-Family Christmas. This is when a lower income family, in particular those with children or a senior member, or 'adopted' by another individual. They will then be given free toys, gifts, and similar goods. Free Thanksgiving Baskets or turkeys are distributed, and these are mostly for food pantry clients.

Food, clothing, and basic needs can be met from pantries and clothing stores. The centers may also have household items. The pantry is involved in helping those Racine families that meet income levels. They can be provided a few days worth of free groceries or meals. Also, local churches and community groups provide nutritious dinners several days a week, and no one is turned away. Lastly, the stores may also have donated hospital equipment that can be loaned out to those that need it.

School Supplies, including shoes and clothing is provided. Love, Inc. can distribute the necessary supplies to children from low income families and disadvantaged area students. This is available so they can begin the school year prepared for long term success. Teacher's Love is another service available in Racine County, and it too provides supplies for both teachers and their students.

During the winter, Love Inc. works with local groups to provide free coats, boots, and winter attire. The resource is known as Winter Wraps, and there may be gently used coats during the months of October or November. They are for anyone who needs one for the cold, Wisconsin winters.




Financial aid from Love

Loans for paying bills may be offered. The Iris Paepke Foundation is a local, Racine County funded program which provides lower interest rate micro-loans to clients in need. Funds can be used for rent, energy bills, medications, or maybe a security deposit.

Emergency financial aid is available in partnership with the Salvation Army. The money raised through resources such as the Red Kettle Holiday Campaign are used by Love, Inc. to provide emergency lodging, rental assistance, energy bill help, food and more for qualified low income clients.

Housing, shelter, and transitional living is for homeless, including women, single parents and children. By receiving case management or referrals, Love Inc. can assist clients in gaining the skills they need to live independently. The charity will also manage the Morrow House duplex for families or individuals that need transitional shelter.

Referrals and applications are offered for the WHEAP Energy Assistance program. There may be government grants to pay for heating bills, electric costs, or natural gas expenses. Other components include weatherization and help in resolving energy crisis situations. Call 262-633-6000.

The disabled and elderly can benefit from Society's Assets. Referrals are offered to resources such as Medicare, SSDI disability applications, and agency on aging centers. Many programs are focused on seniors and individuals with a disability.

Free income Tax Preparation services are offered in partnership with AARP and Love Inc. The service is for low income seniors and families in Racine County Wisconsin. For information, dial 262-763-6226.





Counseling and financial advice in Racine County

General Case Management Services are available from Love Inc. Racine social workers. They provide guidance and assistance to clients. All aid is targeted at helping people lead fuller, more productive lives. Staff also helps families navigate and apply for the state and county human services systems, such as food stamps or disability benefits. Sustainable Futures can also help the working poor break the cycle of dependency.

Counseling for financial matters is offered. The program, known as Good Sense Financial Mentoring, is when specialists and/or volunteers work individually with clients to offer financial management advice or credit counseling services. This is available to help people reach their monetary goals.

Racine Vocational Ministry offers job training and employment resources for residents. The agency, known as RVM, has staff that can help individuals find employment. Work on job training, resume review workshops, and access computers. 262-633-8660.

Women's Resource Center also coordinate guidance and self-sufficiency. Case managers work with clients and victims of domestic violence on addressing a crisis, coordinate advocacy, education and prevention service. The center also coordinates free legal aid and advice using Legal Liaison who comes once a week to Love, Inc.

For more information, or referrals to local churches, LOVE, Inc. can be reached at 480 S. Pine Street, Burlington, Wisconsin 53105, dial 262-763-6226.




By Jon McNamara

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