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Project PLASE housing assistance programs.

A goal of Project PLASE and its partners is to ensure affordable housing is made available to struggling and low income families. In addition, there may be referrals to emergency financial support ranging from government grants for rental expenses to HUD certified solutions, such as Shelter Plus Care. These and other housing resources are available across Baltimore.

In order to ideally prevent or end homelessness for the vulnerable as well as homeless, there is limited long-term, affordable housing in Baltimore. Other focus is on giving one time funds for rent and other costs. This is made available to people that are struggling.

Long term, safe and affordable housing in Baltimore

The Project PLASE’s Permanent Housing Program works to support clients. This will include assistance in finding permanent, safe housing and case managers will help them increase their independence by having them work with Outreach counselors. Permanent housing options for eligible clients include the HUD 202 Program, Shelter + Care (S+C), Single Room Occupancy Units, and more. Find other details on how to find affordable housing.

SRO or Single Room Occupancy, which is located at 1814 Maryland Avenue in Baltimore, is one option available for at-risk individuals. SRO is a form of permanent housing available at Project PLASE and it consists of offering a Section 8 rental subsidy for qualified individuals, and it is paid for with funds from HUD. This will help pay a portion of expenses.

This option offers a seamless move from a transitional housing center to a steady, long-term housing situation. Each resident has their own bedroom and has free as well as full access to a common area to meet their individual living needs. The apartments provided to people are spacious and come fully equipped with amenities such as kitchen area, a laundry room and a living room area.

The Shelter Plus Care permanent housing option is sponsored by Project PLASE and offers dozens of units to vulnerable individuals in the community. This is a federally funded HUD service that targets individuals with a disability. It can support those with a substance abuse, mental health and/or a physical disability. The applicants need to be previously homeless.




In order to be considered for S+C, clients must engage in intensive case management in order to be eligible for a federal government funded rental subsidy. The combination of case management and subsidies allows the family to live independently within a supportive, structured environment in the Baltimore region. This lifestyle typically has a term of 5 years, during which time, the client is making strides towards a permanent housing situation such as HOPWA, unsubsidized housing, Section 8, or another option.

Within the time frame they are eligible for help, the client of Project PLASE makes steady, long term progress from living in a shelter, fully dependent to independently living in the community. Some of the noted success with this S+C includes reuniting families and continuing higher education.

Project PLASE transitional housing assistance in Baltimore

The transitional housing program of Project PLASE offers temporary, emergency shelter for homeless residents in Baltimore living with special needs. While living in the apartments, the individual needs to have access to 24 hour support and supervision and case management services. The goal of this is to help clients work and function at their highest capability.

Examples of some of the supportive services available in Baltimore Maryland includes providing free meals such as snacks or lunches, access to household items like linens, free bus tokens, help with medical appointments and offering gently used clothing as needed. All of this support allows residents to focus on becoming independent in the future.

Each resident of transitional housing works one on one with an assigned counselor for support and assistance with meeting their individual needs. They must meet at least once a week to begin transitioning out of their emergency situation to making use of services and resources within the community to help them attain long term housing. The short term centers are at 814 Maryland Avenue, 201 E. North Avenue, and 139 E. North Avenue.





People from the region that are in transitional housing facilities work with an assigned Advocacy Counselor from Project PLASE in order to receive case management services. This will address the cause of the financial hardship. For residents in the  permanent housing programs, they work with Outreach Counselors who make home visits and offer support services based on individual needs. Find additional transitional housing programs in Baltimore.

Financial help from PLASE

The goal of the support and any type of financial aid is to prevent future homelessness by eliminating risk factors and providing appropriate guidance to clients on fully independent living. If additional services are necessary for certain clients, such as one time rent or deposit help, then intensive case management is provided through PLASE staff and counselors.

The non-profit also has a staff nurse on site to make health assessments for vulnerable clients upon their entry into the program. The medical professional also serves as a resource for them on an as needed basis. In addition, the nurse educates clients and staff on relevant health issues such as HIV/AIDS. They also communicate as needed with specific health care providers based on the client’s needs and medical history. There is also staff available 24 hours to supervise and monitor all resident’s medication intake.

Residents are also assisted with transportation by PLASE when they have no income or any other way receive a ride to work or a job interview. This assistance is very limited and comes in the form of bus tokens.

Applying to Project PLASE

The housing resources are offered from several centers. Project PLASE is located at 3549-3601 Old Frederick Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21229, (phone 410-837-14000 as well as 1814 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21201. Call the agency at 410-837-1400.


By Jon McNamara

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