Platte County Missouri assistance programs.

If you need help in the Platte area, contact the Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City. They offer numerous services and resources for low income and other needy individuals.

Emergency assistance is offered for numerous hardships that individuals or families may be facing. You can access emergency assistance programs for the following needs and expenses.

Rental assistance - This program is offered only as funding allows. For updated information and details on the availability of Rental Assistance for families in the area, dial 816-358-6868.

Prescription drugs - The community action agency works directly with pharmaceutical companies patient assistance programs. Together they offer low to moderate income patients with access to low-cost or free prescription medication. The organization will connect patients directly to the pharmaceutical companies patient assistance programs.  For example, companies such as Abbott and Merck offer these options.

Heating, utility, and cooling bill assistance programs - They work with various Missouri and federal government programs, as well as partner directly with utility companies. Together these groups offer low to moderate income, the elderly, and disabled numerous options and programs.

Specifically some of the energy programs offered include LIHEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) as well as weatherization. These programs can provide clients with emergency cash grants to pay their energy bills, and the weatherization program can help people save on or reduce their utility bills.

Employment services - Some of the services offered to people trying to find a job include:

  • Job fairs are held and organized throughout the year.
  • A job readiness program, which is a 2-day, 6 hour-a-day workshop that will help prepare qualified clients for job searching and placement throughout the Platte Count and Missouri area. Specifically some of the program will cover resume review, interview practicing, application and interview techniques, Equal Opportunity Rights, as well as job etiquette.





Information on government programs, and referrals - One of the main benefits of a community action agency is the amount of information that they can provide to people in need. They are a great resource to use to learn about both federal government and state of Missouri assistance programs. They can oftentimes refer people to such resources as HUD approved foreclosure agencies, credit and debt counseling agencies, food banks, and a host of other local charities and non-profits. Click here to learn more about the programs that community action agencies offer.

To learn more about these assistance programs, or to apply for help, call the Platte County United Services Community Action Agency at (816) 358-6868. Or find additional details.

The Salvation Army Services - They have a few different centers in the region and can provide coverage to the outskirts of Platte County. Some of the services provided include information on food pantries, thrift stores, and a cold weather shelter. Staff and volunteers on site can provide referrals to other resources as well, including government benefits such as food stamps or loan programs that can help pay rent. More on Platte County Missouri Salvation Army.

Assistance for paying rent and housing programs - Several organizations (both charities and non-profits) offer financial help to struggling families as well as seniors. Money may be offered to pay arrears on rent, heating or utility bills, and more. the goal is to stop homelessness, sh shelters are part of the solution. Continue with rent help in Platte County.

Platte County Northland Assistance Center offers various resources to income qualified families. Some of it can help deal with a crisis, such as grants for paying a portion of everything from utility bills to a deposit or back rent. Other assistance from NAC may be as follows.

  • Basic needs including an emergency food pantry, clothing closet, and low cost furniture from a thrift store.
  • Vouchers for prescription medications or gasoline for employment in Platte County.
  • Referrals to shelter, government benefits, and other services.
  • Read more Northland Assistance Center.





Platte County Christmas programs - While the focus is on offering free meals and toys and Christmas, some also provide support during Thanksgiving or other holidays such as Easter. Donations are used to help less fortunate families. More holiday help Platte County.


By Jon McNamara

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