Platte County Missouri Salvation Army assistance programs.

Support for low income families that are facing a crisis is available from the Salvation Army Service Extension Department in Platte County Missouri, which is a regional agency. A wide variety of programs as well as referrals are available. The agency will try to arrange hot meals for adults and children, provide shelter, and the Salvation Army in general will offer assistance to people during crisis situations. In many cases the social workers will identify community resources which are available in the region to provide additional help.

There are hundreds of meals served monthly and boxes of food passed out from the Platte County Salvation Army pantry. Clients include seniors, children from low income families as well as adults. The food items passed out can be canned goods or in some cases the agency has fresh fruits or vegetables.

Emergency shelters are also run by the Salvation Army in he region. The centers are open every day and night of the year. Not only will short term lodging be offered, but in most cases the guests of the shelter will also be given a hot meal as well. All of this is done in an effort to help people achieve the greatest possible outcome. Case managers focus on helping people become healthy, whole and self sufficient over time, as this is the only long term solution to homelessness or hunger.

The Service Extension Department is where any financial aid will originate from. Funds are limited, but the Platte County Salvation Army may be able to assist with certain household bills or living costs. The agency will offer supportive assistance to low income families during crisis situations and will help families identify local community resources in Platte County.

Much of this financial support is the result of generous donations from local individuals or businesses who care about helping others. Additional money is sometimes raised through partners such as the  the United Way, the annual Christmas bell ringing campaign, or mail appeals.

-Utilities and heating bills – Most of this money is paid out from November through June, and it can help a senior or vulnerable family keep their home warm. Find other Missouri energy assistance programs.
-Rent or Mortgage Payments – Platte County Salvation Army may be able to offer small dollar amounts to people struggling with rent or facing a foreclosure.





-Food – In addition to the pantry, there may be gift certificates for some families.
-Lodging includes vouchers to a motel or placement into emergency shelters in Platte County or Kansas City.
Transportation – Bus tickets or gasoline for a job interview.

Platte County Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services will help people in the recovery process. Case managers as well as volunteers from across Platte County try to serve people in their time of need. There may be help for people impacted by a fire, flood, hurricane, or some other event.

As part of the assistance provided, there may be mobile canteens that provide free food. Other disaster programs range from temporary shelter, blankets to keep people warm, and communications. Other disaster resources may be emergency lighting, pastoral counseling, or personal clean-up kits. They also work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as well as local agencies.

Job placement, including such programs such as the Salvation Army of Platte County Pathway of Hope, will help clients overcome barriers and gain a better future for themselves. The client will be assigned a case worker throughout this process and they will create goals and a plan. What may be offered to get to meet those goals, a caseworker will by by your side to design a plan around your individual goals, needs, and strengths. Learn about Job Training, accessing child care in Platte County Missouri, Health Services, Education, and Low Cost Housing.

Programs such as Coats for Kids for Christmas assistance from Platte County Salvation Army are more seasonal services. The charity uses donations from volunteers and businesses such as Pepsi Beverages, Wal-Mart, and others to help children in the area. There may be toys as part of Angel Tree, free Thanksgiving or Christmas meals, and more. Isolated senior citizens can also have a visitor during the holiday time-frame as well. All of the people who participate in general care about helping others in the community.

As noted, the Platte County site is regional in nature. Call (816)452-5663 for details.



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