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Abbot patient assistance programs.

Last year Abbot helped over 100,000 people across the nation by providing them with free prescription medications. The company is committed to providing Abbott prescriptions drugs and products to patients who are experiencing a financial hardship or crisis. The program will provide these individuals with medications if they can’t access treatment through meaningful health care coverage from any other source.

The primary goal of the program is to ensure as many people as possible gain access to Abbott’s pharmaceutical, nutritional and medical technologies. However, in addition, the company wants to ensure they continue to deliver high quality customer service and patient assistance services to the patients that need free medications from the programs.

Financial eligibility is based upon current Federal Poverty Guidelines adjusted for household size. If a patient's medication cost is reimbursed by a private or public insurance program (including Medicaid and Medicare Part D plans), the patient may generally not be eligible for assistance through the Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation. There can be some occasional exceptions made though.

The Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation recognizes that extenuating circumstances may exist and encourages any patient to request consideration for an exception. So even if you do not meet income levels, or if you have existing prescription insurance coverage, but still cannot pay for needed medication, then individuals can still request assistance. All such requests will be considered or reconsidered on a case-by-case basis.

Criteria to be eligible for help from Abbot

A couple key criteria will determine eligibility. They include household income as well as the applicants current health insurance coverage.

  • Financial eligibility for the Abbot prescription assistance program is based upon current Federal Government Poverty Guidelines, which will be adjusted for household size.





  • In addition, if a patient who applies for the program has their medication cost reimbursed by public or private health insurance program (for example including Medicare Part D plans or Medicaid), the patient may generally not be eligible for assistance or free medications through the Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation.

As noted above, there can be exceptions made in certain cases, in particular for life threatening conditions. The Abbott Patient Assistance Foundation, which administers the program, realizes that from time to time extenuating circumstances may exist with a certain applicant or their family. In these cases they will encourage any patient to still apply and request consideration.

When they do this, the applicant will need to ask for an exception to some of the above criteria or conditions in place. Applicants need to note the reason for their applications and why they need help despite already having existing prescription insurance coverage. So be truthful as to why you can’t pay for the medication that they need to address their condition. All such requests for exceptions will be reviewed closely. They will be considered (or reconsidered) on a case-by-case basis by Abbot and the foundation.

Abbot prescription medications covered by the program

There are several different prescription drugs offered for free by Abbot. The list can also change without notice, so be sure to call for the latest information. However, some of the medications covered include.

  • Advicor
  • Azmacort
  • Cardizem
  • Depakote
  • Kaletra
  • Norvir
  • Prometrium
  • Simcor





  • Synthroid
  • Tarka
  • Teveten
  • TriCor
  • Zemplar

How to apply

The number to dial to get more information, or to apply for the Abbot prescription program, is 1-(800) 222-6885


By Jon McNamara

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