Merck Patient Assistance Programs.

Merck & Co., Inc. provides free or low cost prescription drugs to lower income households. A wide range of patients are eligible to benefit from their Patient Assistance Program. The pharmaceutical company created this resource in an effort to make both their generic as well as brand name prescription drugs more affordable to the general population. Since the company is one of the largest drug companies in the world, the assistance provided will help a number of patients pay for the drugs they need.

Both low to more moderate families can receive free prescription or low cost medications from the Merck Patient Assistance Program. Merck has one of the more lenient programs available in the industry, as they have a higher income potential that applicants to the program can earn. So the cutoff is higher for individuals to be able to still qualify to receive  prescription drugs for themselves or their families. The prescriptions and medicines that are available for free through this assistance program are for treating chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes, cancer, cholesterol and high blood pressure that affect millions of people across the country.

While the company has always offered free medicines to eligible, uninsured people from the Merck Patient Assistance Program, even that is not always enough. So the company is also working to help more moderate income families that have an income higher than certain poverty levels. Merck is working to solve the problem of a growing uninsured population who need help with medical bills. Not only are they offering affordable medicines, but the corporation is also diligently working to support healthcare reform efforts across the country that will create access to affordable health insurance for all Americans.

If interested in prescription drug assistance, the Merck Patient Assistance Program has a simple enrollment form and process associated with it. It is flexible in that it offers free delivery of medicines for enrolled patients to their doctor's office or even their home for up to one year. After the one year, patients may even be reenrolled if they continue to need any form of financial assistance. So the support provided can even be for long term needs.

Over the past several years, Merck has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals. The company has offered more than 2 million prescriptions to patients in need through the Merck Patient Assistance Program. All of this aid can be combined with other resources as well, and find other ways to get free health care.





Criteria to be eligible for assistance from Merck

The Merck program is expansive. The pharmaceutical company has in place income thresholds. The maximum for program participants is 400 percent over federal government poverty guidelines. So what this means is that people can earn as much as $43,320 per year for individuals, up to $58,280 for couples, and $89,000 for a family of four. This makes the Merck Patient Assistance Program one of the industry’s best.

Other people who may be able to qualify include those who do not have health insurance or other coverage for their prescription medicines that they need. Some Medicaid beneficiaries may also be able to get the help them need. As with most programs, there exceptions that can also be made from time to time, depending on your exact situation or financial hardship.

In addition, in order to reduce paperwork and simplify the application process, Merck no longer requires tax returns or other forms of income verification when applying. But the company does say it reserves the right to verify or audit an applicant. So terms and conditions can vary, and this is generally done in an effort to combat fraud.

Not too many people know about these resources. Therefore Merck will continue to expand its efforts to increase awareness of the Merck Patient Assistance Program and they are trying to enroll as many people as possible. These efforts include traditional and nontraditional advertisements, community-based approaches, and they are also spreading the word through healthcare professionals such as doctors. All of these partners have the shared goal of ensuring people have access to free prescription medicines that they need to save money and improve their health.

Medications offered for free by Merck patient assistance program

The list of which medications which are included is constantly changing. You should call the number below for the most updated list. However, a sampling of some of the free prescription medications offered by Merck includes the following. This combines both their generics as well as pricer medications.






Apply for Merck Patient Assistance Program

In addition to above, there are other forms of assistance available. Click here to find how to get vaccinations from Merck. Or to get more information, to request an application or to apply to Merck for the patient assistance program, dial 1-800-727-5400 to learn more.


By Jon McNamara

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