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Assistance programs for Peoples Gas.

Find how to get help with Peoples Gas bills, including grant money, payment plans, emergency funds from Share the Warmth and more. A focus is on helping the elderly, disabled and single moms (or households with children) keep their gas and utilities on. Get details below on short term and emergency assistance from Peoples Gas.

There are a number of resources offered. Customers who need help with paying their Peoples Gas bills may be able to qualify for financial assistance. Programs offered for low income or struggling customers in the Chicago Illinois area include government aid from LIHEAP or the state, payment programs offered directly by Peoples Gas, and various forms of assistance from non-profits.

Peoples Gas payment plans

The two primary options available to people across Chicago include the Minimum Payment Option as well as the Short-Term Payment Plan. The objective is to help people keep up with their bills, and hopefully avoid a disconnection of their service. Customers are provided additional time in order to maintain their gas service while they pay off past-due balances on their accounts.

Minimum Payment Options are offered for people who are faced with a disconnection, and it may be available for people who do not qualify for any other aid. This resource will allow Cook County Illinois customers to maintain their utility service. They can do this by making a payment under the Minimum Payment Option. It is usually offered during the spring to fall months, and applicants need to be facing a disconnection of their service in order to apply.

Anyone can enroll in this program, and there is not a formal application process. If you receive a disconnect notice from Peoples Gas, customers just need to look for the Minimum Payment Option on their bill or disconnection notice. It will be clearly designated on the statement. There will also be instructions provided to impacted customers.




The Short-Term Payment Plan provides Peoples Gas customers additional time to pay their bills, sometimes up to several months. The plan allows customers to pay a portion of their past-due balance over time. However they need to remain current on the new gas bills they receive every month.

Time is of the essence for enrolling into this payment plan. The earlier that an individual who resides in Cook County calls the energy provider, the higher their chances for being successful when the plan is put into place for them. Dial 866-556-6001.

There are some qualifications, such as you are only eligible if you are not currently on a payment plan. Also, you can only be on one Peoples Gas payment plan at a time. So individuals can’t be signed up for multiple options. In other words, your request to enroll in a new Short-Term Payment Plan may be denied if you owe money from a past arrangement.

Federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This is another option for working poor and low income customers of Peoples Gas. Thousands of families across Chicago and the county receive government aid every year. The LIHEAP program provides cash grants and direct financial assistance to help customers on limited incomes pay their monthly energy bills or avoid a disconnection.

Receive help in three ways. One is from Reconnection Assistance. This is a once per year cash grant that helps disconnected customers reestablish service. If you currently receive service from Peoples Gas, then the Direct Vendor Payment option can help you pay your bills. The third component is weatherization, which is a conservation program.





State of Illinois assistance

The primary resource is known as Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP). This is offered by all energy providers across the state, and can offer individuals a monthly benefit. This will in effect ensure that Peoples Gas customers pay no more than 6 percent of their income toward their monthly utility bills. It is mostly for very low income families.

Share the Warmth

This is offered by the Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County (CEDA) as well as Peoples Gas. The non-profit Share the Warmth program provides heating bill assistance in the form of grants to limited and fixed-income households, which is mostly seniors or the disabled. Customers who are found to be eligible will still need to make a payment toward their gas bills, but they will also receive matching grants of up to $200 towards expenses.

Share the Warmth is also funded by donations. If you donate money, Peoples Gas will match your donation to help others across Chicago who might have trouble paying their monthly gas bills. The program is run by the Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA) across Cook County Illinois. Read more on Share the Warmth from Peoples Gas.

Peoples Gas Illness and Medical Certificate Program

This is offered for people who have a serious medical condition. Call the utility company as soon as possible. You will also need proof of your hardship/condition in the form of a medical certificate from your doctor or health care provider.





How to get financial help and assistance from People Gas

Once the utility company receives your medical certificate, and if you meet other qualifications, then you will not have your gas service disconnected. Peoples Gas offers this service in order to provide the person time to deal with their condition. Or if you are currently without service, it will be reconnected for you. Peoples Gas can be reached at 866-556-6001.

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