North Carolina health care for uninsured.

North Carolina families who do not have health insurance can look into several government and non-profit programs. The state does its best to ensure that residents of all ages have access to some form of basic medical care, whether that is Medicaid, resources for pre-existing conditions, or discount prescription medications.

If you have lost your job, can’t afford quality medical care, or if you are faced with some other type of challenge that limits your health insurance than these government programs may be able to assist. They try to be as inclusive as possible to patients as long as you meet income limits and lack of insurance coverage thresholds. However the demand for medical assistance and health care in North Carolina is high so some programs may have waiting lists. Resources may also be limited, so they may not be able to help all individuals and families who need it.

Community Care of North Carolina for Uninsured Parents, or CNC-UP, is a limited, government sponsored health coverage for uninsured parents. It may not be available in all counties. For those who qualify they can receive up to $25,000 of health care services each and every year. Patients who qualify can also receive free preventive screenings and annual checkups; primary care visits with co-pays; help getting free or low-cost prescription drugs; and also diabetic testing supplies. Main number is 919-733-2040.




The NC Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program, or BCCCP, will offer services, including free screening for breast and cervical cancer. This is only available to uninsured or underinsured women without Medicare Part B or Medicaid. The program can provide physical exams, limited diagnostic procedures, and mammogram referrals. Some fees may be due based on the applicant’s income. Telephone number is 910-433-3651 or call 800-662-7030.

Workers on Medicaid can receive employee health insurance coverage from the Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP). This will allow individuals to have access to employer-sponsored health insurance thru COBRA or an employer. Applicants will only be accepted into the program if their total insurance costs are less than the cost of their Medicaid health benefits. This will in effect allow qualified workers to maintain their current employee health insurance coverage. Many people may receive greater benefits from this option than what the federal government Medicaid program may allow and this is the primary reason that individuals may choose this option. 855-696-2447.





Pre-existing medical conditions may be addressed by the North Carolina high risk pool. This is in effect low cost health insurance offered to those who have no other options or access to an employer plan. It can even help patients with paying their medical bills if they face higher premiums due to a pre-existing medical condition. Receive coverage for urgent care, outpatient services, preventive care, RX drugs and other health care. Applicants have 3 different plans to choose from. 866-665-2117.

Medical Eye Care Program is wide ranging and it includes corrective and/or preventive services. Non-profits and the state may offer payment for eye exams and treatment, free eyeglasses and even surgery for income eligible residents. Children can also receive screenings and support. The goal is to prevent blindness caused by glaucoma, retinal disorders, and cataracts. Telephone number is 866-222-1546, or find other sources of assistance for eyeglasses.

AIDS Drug Assistance can provide FDA approved HIV/AIDS related medications at no cost to applicants who meet low income levels and who are uninsured when it comes to their prescription drug coverage. Their income usually needs to be below 125% of Federal Government Poverty Levels. 877-466-2232

The NCHC - North Carolina Health Choice for Children is a fully comprehensive and affordable resource for children from lower income and uninsured families. It is also available for needy families who make too much money to qualify for government Medicaid. The program provides prescription drugs, physician and clinic services, lab work, dental services, hearing, medical equipment and supplies. It can also offer physical therapy, substance abuse treatment, and more. Call 800-662-7030.

Health Coverage Tax Credit - Bridge Program will help people who lost jobs due to foreign competition. It is for those who are getting benefits from the Pension Benefit Guaranty and/or the Trade Act. It will pay a majority of your premium will the individual is waiting for federal government HCTC approval. 19-212-3849

Medicaid is paid for by the federal government grant program and the state of North Carolina. It is the nation’s primary health insurance program for low-income seniors, blind, individuals, disabled, and families who would not otherwise be able to pay their medical bills. Anyone who is interested will need to apply at their County Department of Social Services (DSS) office. It is offered for residents who are uninsured and can’t get coverage from any other location. 800-662-7030

Females can address heart disease, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases from WISEWOMAN. This nationwide resource is offered for the uninsured, low-income, or underinsured women. Screening sites are located across North Carolina. Individuals can receive low cost or free screenings from the state. Free advice and referrals are offered as needed too. Main number is 919-707-5300.

North Carolina diabetes assistance programs are available. There are a number of resources for low income families that lack insurance. The state may provide free insulin, pumps, needles, and other care. The goal is to reduce type 1 or 2 diabetes, as the cost of this condition can be devastating for someone without insurance.




Assistance for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is available. This will provide for basic hearing tests and screenings. Those who enroll may also receive referrals to local doctors and health care professionals, get assistance obtaining a hearing service dog, and they may be able to access hearing aids. Various devices, workshops, and other information is available to those who need help. Call 800-851-6099.

Vaccines for Children is when medications are distributed to State and North Carolina local community clinics at no charge. The vaccines are then given to children by physicians and clinics at local medical centers. There are dozens of distribution sites and facilities located around the state. It is available to children from uninsured families that are age 18 and under, who are not Medicaid eligible, or an American Indian or Alaska Native. The family may need to pay a small bill/fee for the medication. Call 919-707-5553.


By Jon McNamara

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