New Orleans Rescue Mission.

Very low income residents of New Orleans Louisiana may be able to get support from the Rescue Mission. The charity is involved in offering many services to the poor and homeless. Among other assistance provided can be emergency shelter, transitional housing, free food and meals, and guidance.

Staff and volunteers due their best to meet the social, physical, nutritional and spiritual needs of the homeless community. The Rescue Mission is generally backed by the financial support of churches, generous local residents, non-profit organizations and corporate donors. All of these groups work together and understand the importance of being socially responsible to the less fortunate people in the community. The phone number is 504.523.2116 and the address is 1130 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd‎, New Orleans, Louisiana 70113.

The Emergency Shelter in the New Orleans Rescue Mission is the largest facility in the state of Louisiana. It can provide short term housing for men, women, and children.. Those guests of the center can also avail themselves of the other services and resources that are offered.

Some examples of the services provided to the community center include showers, meals, clothing, GED classes, medical care, resume building, mental health and addiction counseling. One focus is on helping people find a job and gaining an income. Each night, hundreds of local women and men are able to find warm bed and safety from the streets. Additional capability is available in the winter.

Part of the shelter is a Day Room. This is a temporary day room with TV for those wanting to get out of the cold or rain. The staff can also support guests with applications for SSDI, housing, food stamps, or completing job applications.

Free food, meals and clothing is usually offered. Over the course of a month, thousands of hot meals are prepared and served by the Rescue Mission. This will include a breakfast and lunch. In addition, dinner is served Monday through Friday. While not as common, on the weekends there can be some dinners served, often in partnership with churches and other charities. Also, clothing and free shoes donations are available. The items will be organized on racks for individuals to select from bi-weekly during Day Room hours. The demand for help is great, and the Rescue Mission and their staff due their best to keep up.




Free medical and health care services are provided by weekly clinics. This includes flu shots, TB tests and general medical checkups. These will be given to guests of the Rescue Mission and people in the community. Free prescription medications are also made available at Walgreen’s with a doctor’s prescription.

Case management and individual assessments and counseling is offered for each guest. They will be assessed to determine how the Rescue Mission can best serve the individual needs. The volunteers and staff also address a variety of areas such as vocational guidance, substance abuse, education, financial management and budgeting.

Job training, educational services and other support is available from the Rescue Mission learning center. The site is equipped with multiple computer stations for participants searching for jobs or taking GED classes. The Life Skills Counselor as well as the Business Outreach Coordinator help with resume development, guests assess career possibilities, offer job search readiness workshops, and connect people to jobs with local New Orleans employers.

The case management is for all new arrivals to the Rescue Mission shelters They will be given an extensive interview to determine if they are struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs, have destructive behaviors or a mental illness. They will be assessed to discover what has led to their current state of homelessness. After the case assessment interview has been done, guests are connected with local resources to put them on a path of stability.




Assistance for veterans is offered in partnership with the local VA. The group has assigned representatives to assist all veterans and their immediate families. Get help with an honorable discharge including application for benefits, housing opportunities, and free medical services.

An Ex-Offender Re-Entry program is when Rescue Mission staff will work with men to find life skills, jobs and help them enroll into one year discipleship training and education classes. The Ex-offenders will be counseled and given comprehensive transitional assistance to work on develop resumes, life skills, become employable, and grow spiritually.


By Jon McNamara

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