Housing assistance from Nevada Community Associates.

Nevada Community Associates runs several services for both tenants and homeowners, including Project HOPE! Program. Some of them, such as applications to Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) or Project E.I.G.H.T. are financial in nature while others include mediation. The goal of the programs is to prevent both evictions and foreclosures in Clark County, or rehouse those that need a home home.

Financial aid and rehousing services

The Project HOPE! Tenant Services Program is for those who rent. Nevada Community Associates works with eligible, at risk clients and their families who are facing eviction. One component of this, the Homesearch Program, works specifically to find stable, long term housing for individuals and their families. Once that has been done, case managers work to lead them towards an independent life.

The Prevention Program was created to stop homelessness by either helping clients stay in their home or find a suitable living situation. Nevada Community Associates works with struggling families. They do many things, such as contact local shelters directly on a client's behalf, conducting individual assessments, case management, free budget counseling, and more. They also help them apply for any subsidies, such as grants for a security deposit from ESG, in order for them to become stable and independent.

There are many forms of financial aid from HOPE! as well. Since this is a homeless prevention program, there may be money for paying back rent or energy bills. Another support includes transportation to a job so a client can afford their housing, loans for certain expenses, and much more.

Project E.I.G.H.T. is a form of rehousing from Nevada Community Associates. Applicants can available themselves of various services. Based on the funding levels, P8 provides assistance in relocating to a new affordable home. This involves intensive case management as well.

If qualified, clients can get financial help for paying application fees or utility or security deposits. There is also help in paying last or first month's rent. There is even counseling for clients with a medical issue, such as mental health challenge.




Counseling for housing issues from Nevada Community Associates

Nevada Community Associates works with aspiring candidates for home ownership by providing Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved pre-purchase education and one-on-one counseling. Many topics are discussed as part of this. There are sessions on purchase contracts, building credit, financing, inspections, applying for insurance, down-payment assistance and avoiding predatory lending.

One of the goals of this homeownership education program is to accurately assess which individuals are ready to handle the full responsibilities of buying in Las Vegas. Clients’ financial status is reviewed and areas for improvement are noted for those wanting to start the process. Other key elements worked on in the program includes identifying potential properties for purchase and applying for financing opportunities, such as a low interest mortgage.

The Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) program is run through Nevada Community Associates partner agencies. This is done to help increase the assets of clients and their families. Areas that help build a financial portfolio include starting an IDA, which is a matched saving account that help lower income clients build wealth and assets.

There are restrictions though. The money from the IDA needs to be used to pay for expenses such as post-secondary education, purchasing a home, or small business capitalization. The IDAs are an excellent building block for lower income individuals seeking to have a life of stability, financial reward and independence.

The Nevada Community Associates Family Support Program is specifically designed for individuals in a current housing crisis who want to regain their financial footing and have a stable housing situation. This service works with clients on providing applications to financial support, including Project HOPE! Indicated above. There can be help for utility bills, rent and mortgage assistance.

Advice is also arranged by the Associates, and this will be in the form of counseling for those facing an immediate loss of their home. This is a form of counseling to help stabilize the situation.





Housing with integrated support services is the dual focus of the Supportive Housing from Nevada Community Associates. This is a community based service in Clark County Nevada for those individuals struggling with homelessness. Many of the integrated services are for the disabled or elderly. They include mental health care, alcohol and drug services, case management, education, job opportunities and access to local social services. This is key to maintaining a home, and it will hopefully lead clients back to an independent life.

Basic financial education is also for women of a lower income in Clark County. There are workshops on this topic organized by Nevada Community Associates. Other parts of it are money management skills and a matched savings incentive all of which help create independence and stability. The program is a complement of the IDA, Individual Development Accounts, referenced above.

Las Vegas residents who currently own a home who are behind on mortgage payments or facing an imminent foreclosure have access to Nevada Community Associates Foreclosure Prevention. This program provides education and services from a certified counselor and works on finding interventions to prevent the loss of the home from occurring.

For more information on housing programs, Nevada Community Associates is based at 5185 Camino Al Norte in North Las Vegas, NV 89031. Call 702.522.9962.




By Jon McNamara

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