Comanche County and Lawton Catholic charities assistance programs.

Food banks, thrift stores, information on government and social services and other aid is administered by Lawton Catholic Charities. The charity and its partners, such as churches and faith based organizations, will meet with the needy to understand their barriers. Based on the results of this, either referrals or aid will be given. This of course depends on if they can assist, meaning if resources are available and the applicant qualifies.

Free groceries are available from Catholic Charities in Lawton. The assistance is available year round in order to help meet a family’s nutritional needs and to help them prevent hunger too. The assistance program eligibility is based upon income guidelines for federal government poverty levels, but adjusted for family size, that is established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The quantity of food provided by the church based pantry is also based upon family size, so the more people the more groceries that may be given out. The free food is derived from canned and dry goods purchased from Feeding America Foodbank, produce donated by local farmers or stores, USDA donations, and other local Lawton Oklahoma contributions.

The Emergency Fund covers many needs, including free medications. When possible, the charity offers less fortunate, vulnerable residents of Comanche County same day, one time only emergency help due to a financial crisis. Examples of the type of support offered includes the following.

Housing funds for paying rent or energy bills.
Health care needs, including medical bills, medications or dental bills.
Transportation costs for an interview in Lawton Oklahoma and some qualifying work related expenses.
Medical needs, including prescription drug vouchers.

The fund is stocked by donations to the church. This allows Emergency aid to be used for all of those critical expenses that a family may have. While the cost of rent and cost of living is not too excessive in Lawton Oklahoma, there are some hardships that families may face.





With the exception of designated holidays, every weekday a volunteer takes calls from area social workers requesting financial help for their needy clients. The volunteer then approves requests based on Lawton Catholic Charities program criteria.

There is free parking at the thrift store, and it is always more fun to bring a friend to. Lawton Catholic Charities sells quality used home decor items, men and women’s clothing and accessories, jewelry, household items for new moms, and material items. This may be artwork, books, lamps, and selected furniture pieces.

Anyone that shops at the Thrift store gets a good deal. They are also able to do a good deed for the community as the money they spend there goes to fund the charitable programs. It also helps reduce waste in the landfills as it does cut back on people throwing stuff out. As noted, the funds raised at the store support community programs.

Education and employment assistance from Comanche County Catholic charities individuals transition from dependency to independence. By using knowledge and expertise gained from serving the underprivileged community, the church based organization is able to assist clients in overcoming obstacles to education, job training and employment. The agency’s vocational services are customized to the unique needs of each person. It can be effective at ending poverty in the region.

The church is based at NW Ferris Ave, Lawton, OK 73507-5629. For more information call them at 580-353 1811. Donations are always needed at the center as well as volunteer staff.



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