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Houston and Harris County church assistance programs.

Churches in Harris County Texas may not only provide emergency assistance when there are no other options available, but the parishes are also effective at offering emotional, spiritual, and physical support. Depending on the church, there may be everything from free Christmas meals or presents to financial aid, shelter, transportation, and much more.

The assistance is focused on residents that live in a certain area. This means that a church in Houston, such as Lord of the Streets Episcopal, may only support families or individuals that live in or near the parish boundaries. The services are not wide ranging to nearby towns or parts of Harris County, but they are hyper local in who they assist.

Each and every church will offer their own, unique programs to assist the disadvantaged. Some of the main categories of support are as follows. Priority is generally for those in a crisis that are also living in poverty. Churches are effective at helping immigrants or Latinos, women fleeing domestic violence, homeless veterans, substance abusers, and others.

Financial assistance – There may be funds to help pay for critical living expenses, such as rent or utility bills. This is comprehensive, and when a Houston Texas church has money it can be used for paying light, electric, or air conditioning costs. When applying for any type of financial help, bring proof of income, residency, address, and identification.

Church holiday programs – Almost every parish in Harris County runs a donation service. One is Windsor Village United Methodist Church at 12401 1/2 South Post Oak Road, Houston Texas 77045, dial 713-551-8792. Members collect free toys for kids at Christmas, serve turkey dinners at Thanksgiving, and spread holiday joy.

When a child from an immigrant household or one living in poverty does not have a Christmas gift to open, a church may meet that need. They also visit the ill and homebound, including people in nursing homes. Find a comprehensive listing of other programs to try, locate additional help with Christmas for low income families.




Food and meals – This many be the most common assistance program available. The Notre Dame Catholic Church (address is 7720 Boone Road, Houston TX 77072, call 281-498-4653) is but one of them. There are many faith based programs that offer free bags of groceries from panties and/or soup kitchens. There is help for senior citizens, children, people with disabilities, and the hungry from a church.

Referrals from churches – This is another common resource available. The volunteers may not be able to provide money for bills or food, but they can be a source of guidance. The Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church at 2025 West 11th Street, Houston Texas 77008, phone 713-861-9149 is but one parish that can offer support in the form of information on social services. There are other regional Harris County parishes that offer the same forms of support.

Local transportation – A church may offer this form of support in multiple ways. In rare instances a free voucher may be issued to pay for gasoline. Or they have a list of mechanics or auto repair garages that may offer discounted car repair services. Lastly, volunteers from congregations such as Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church and their Social Service Center at 3826 Wheeler Avenue, Houston TX 77004, phone 713-747-7101 may drive a job seeker to an interview. Or they can give a senior a local ride to a doctor appointment.

Hot meals – Breakfast, lunches, dinners, and even holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas) meals may be served by Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church (address is 6221 Main Street, Houston TX 77030, 713-529-6196) as well as other religious groups. There are breakfasts focused on the homeless, children, and lonely. At the same time a meal is served in Harris County, other support services are arranged.

The Sick, ill, cancer patients and other vulnerable individuals can get help from these faith based agencies. They may collect donations to provide clothing or housing, or to pay for a trip to a regional or national doctor. Or locations such as Second Baptist Church at 6400 Woodway, Houston TX 77057 (dial 713-365-2338) will try to arrange a care giver for cancer patients and/or persons with Alzheimers.





Church based social ministries – These can be gathering spots for members of the parish, or people that live in that community supported. Residents can drop in to get out of the summer heat or maybe get a cold drink. Or immigrants can learn about serves focused on their needs, and much of the information is also provided in Spanish. The social ministries from churches across Harris County are an effective place for giving out support.

No matter the religion or belief, the churches in Houston try to help the poor. Whether the applicant is unemployed, suffering from an emergency, or they are facing a crisis, these locations may assist. They will also not discriminate and anyone can apply. For referrals and locations to churches in Harris County, emails can be sent to Be sure to provide the general area and need.


By Jon McNamara













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