Forsyth County Georgia assistance programs.

Anyone who is struggling with their bills can find emergency financial help below. Find housing assistance (rent, utility or electric, security deposit or mortgage help); free items (school supplies, food from pantries, furniture, prescription drugs, Christmas toys); job programs (work from home, gig, and training) and more. In Forsyth County there are many churches, charities, and government assistance programs to try.

Access emergency financial assistance, grants and aid

Two of the leading non-profit agencies and organization to contact for help in Forsyth County and Cumming Georgia include Place of Forsyth County, Inc. as well as the community action agency, Ninth District Opportunity, Inc.

Programs and assistance offered by Ninth District Opportunity, Inc. include utility, rent, and medications. While the primary purpose and the reason this community action agency exists is to work very closely and in partnership with the working poor and low-income people in Forsyth County, they will also promote access to opportunities leading toward Self-Development, Long Term self-sufficiency, and Self-reliance & Self-determination.

Some of the resources and services provided by this non-profit community action agency include help for paying utility and cooling bills, prescription medications and rental assistance. In addition, the non-profit also provides low income with employment services, budget and debt counseling and food distribution and access to food vouchers.

In addition, the community action agency also runs the federal government LIHEAP Heating and Cooling Bill Assistance Program. This is an energy program that will provide qualifying households with a one time cash payment/grant of up to $350 towards paying their electric bill.





Any type of emergency financial aid, whether loans or some other type of funding, is very limited. Clients will also need to have a plan in place for stability and self-sufficiency as well. In many cases, clients will be provided referrals to other resources in Forsyth County Georgia.

Call the Ninth District community action agency, or NDO, at (770) 889-9420. Or read more Ninth District Opportunity community action.

Abba House helps women over 18. This agency provides a host of services to females 18 years of age and above and will help those with or without children including a food pantry, possible financial assistance, and a clothing closet. Dial (678) 947-2850.

Rent - Referrals and funds for paying rental costs (as well as other housing needs) are available. Families, immigrants, and the working poor have options available to them. Whether it is a government program, or non-profit, the goal is to help a resident keep their home and not to be living on the street. Find a resource list to learn how to get help with rent.

Cumming based Place of Forsyth County, Inc. (phone (770) 887-1098) is a local non-profit agency that offers numerous services to low income, working poor and the elderly. Some of the assistance programs offered include emergency financial assistance (for individuals and families that are facing utility-cut-off or disconnections, eviction or foreclosure), vouchers for free or low cost medical prescriptions, and emergency food aid.





Those are some of the more direct financial aid resources run by The Place, which tend to be more limited. The organization also administers several more social service and self-sufficiency type services in Forsyth County. Those include language translation for Spanish speaking individuals, a thrift store and access to various other government food programs. In addition they offer free school supplies and clothes for children in need who are full time students. For more information on their services, click more details on the Place assistance programs.

Cash aid, TANF, welfare, and other state benefits in Georgia help the less fortunate. Whether that is a grant to pay for housing or transportation (such as car repairs), free daycare vouchers, or some other bill, assistance is offered. This form of support is generally for very low income families as well as the underemployed. Read more on Georgia cash assistance programs.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Cumming location is a partnership of churches and volunteers. Those seeking help, including seniors and qualified low income families, will need to go through an interview process.  In some cases, emergency aid may be offered, or applications for government benefits such as SNAP food stamps or SSDI disability.

If they have resources, and a family qualifies, then St. Vincent may be able to offer the following services. Limited rental assistance, prescription medications, or referrals to clinics for medical care. There may be government grants for paying utilities from programs such as LIHEAP. Other Forsyth County Georgia resources may include federal government benefits screening, GED or ESL instruction, and clothing for school or work reasons. The homeless in the county may be referred to programs to pay a security deposit, or short term, transitional housing. Telephone - (678) 947-0677.

Food banks and soup kitchens - As many as 15 operate in the county. They help anyone in need that is facing hunger.

  • -Boxes of groceries.
  • -Soup kitchens have meals, including free Christmas food or toys or Thanksgiving turkeys.
  • -Applications to SNAP food stamps, USDA commodities, and benefit programs.
  • -Other aid may be household cleaning supplies and much more. Continue Forsyth County GA free food pantries.

Forsyth County emergency rental assistance - Locate agencies that offer counseling to tenants along with one time financial aid. Funds are targeted at the most disadvantaged, which can include families with children as well as senior citizens. Residents with an eviction notice can apply for a grant for a deposit or rent for their current home. Other programs are also available, including transitional housing or shelters. Read more Forsyth County rental assistance.

Regional Salvation Army Centers - While there is not one located in the county, there are nearby sites. Everything from food to financial aid from Project Share, free school supplies or Christmas toys, and more is offered. Additional services include disaster relief and general counseling or homeless shelters for those who need it. More on Salvation Army Forsyth County.





One group often most in need is single parents, in particular moms. Agencies work with Forsyth County parents to help the children and parent(s) stabilize. Everything from basic needs to housing, food, meals, USDA free school lunches, and more is arranged. Find more details on single mother assistance programs.

Free or discounted health care and medications

In addition to the services offered and noted above, the Ninth District Opportunity, Inc. can also provide qualifying households and patients help with obtaining free or reduced priced medications from pharmaceutical programs. They coordinate so called patient assistance programs.

By Jon McNamara

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