Forsyth County Georgia Salvation Army assistance programs.

Residents of Forsyth County Georgia do not have a Salvation Army Center directly in their county, but there are regional centers in Hall, Atlanta, and other communities. At those nearby locations clients can shop at a thrift store, ask for referrals, receive financial help, or benefit from the seasonal services such as Angel Tree or Toys for Tots.

The Cummings Georgia and greater Forsyth County region Salvation Army is part of the statewide agency. This means that there is full participation in programs such as Project SHARE. It is one resource that offer short term, emergency financial assistance for assisting with a variety of bills. There may be funds to pay housing costs, rent, gasoline for a job, or outstanding electric bill. Since this is a donation program all funding is very limited.

In order to get a grant, an interview is required. During this process the case manager from the Salvation Army will assess the application completed by the Forsyth County family. The process will determine the client's needs, review their income and future potential for stability, and past payment practices.

Any funds to help pay bills, whether rent, a mortgage, or water cost, is always first-come, first-serve basis. When the money runs out, or if the applicant is not qualified, then no other applications will be taken. But the case manager may still offer referrals to other state benefits (food stamps, etc.) or local charities.

The regional Salvation Army that supports Forsyth County Georgia also participates in seasonal services. There are several, as noted below. Each of them have different groups they “target”, but in general they are focused on children. The main assistance programs are as follows.

  • -Back to School supply drives.
  • -Toys, food, and presents at Christmas. This is run in partnership with other charities, and if more help is needed, locate additional Christmas assistance programs.
  • -Thanksgiving meals for seniors, elderly in a nursing home, and the homeless.
  • -Mentoring and counseling for the youth in Forsyth County.





Forsyth County Georgia also has been hit by disaster from time to time. There have been floods, droughts, and other challenges. When this occurs the Salvation Army offers disaster relief programs. It helps the community in general, using volunteers and partnerships. But this is a disaster relief program for victims.

Many forms of support are offered. There is free food, hot meals from a mobile pantry, vouchers for motel rooms, and of course the thrift stores well. Volunteers are often the first responders to an event, and they also work with disaster relief workers from the American Red Cross and other organizations.

Basic needs are available. The two main ways to get help are the food pantry as well as thrift store. Each of these resources has a different focus in place and address a different need. The Forsyth County Georgia Salvation Army can provide the following.

The food bank offers groceries, perishable and canned food, holiday meal, and other supplies. The regional food pantries are open a few days per week only. Seniors can get supplements, and children can also get healthy snacks to ensure their stomach is full for school! The contents may also run out, so the pantry is not always fully stocked.

The second source of Basic Needs is the thrift store. Most of these goods are sold at a reduced price. But in some limited cases a Forsyth County family may be given a voucher to shop at the store. So the assistance available ranges.

As noted, this is a regional service. Unfortunately Forsyth County residents may need to use another county to get help. Call (770) 531-0135.



By Jon McNamara

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