Carroll County Georgia Salvation Army assistance programs.

When there is funding available, the Carroll County Salvation Army can help people with the most urgent need of that specific qualified family. Using money that has been donated to the Christian church group, there may be funds to pay for gasoline for work, rent, utility or water bills, work clothing, and more.

Those tend to be needs that are driven by a third party. Such as a landlord demanding the rent from the household or an energy company asking for money for utility bills. So while those can be addressed, more everyday items may also be offered, sometimes for free. These are non-financial, and this is when the Carrollton Salvation Army provides items directly to the client. There may some some or all of the following.

-Christmas toys, games, toy trucks for boys, and applications to Angel Tree.
-Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter food baskets.
-Clothing vouchers for work attire, including boots, slacks, dresses, and uniforms.
-The Salvation Army also has a free back to school supply program too which has notebooks, binders, and other items. This will start up during the summer, and find additional school supply assistance programs.
-Boxes of groceries.

These items are given from 1 of 3 Salvation Army resources. Food is provided from the free, emergency food pantry. The clothing (whether vouchers or gently used goods) originate from the thrift store. And the last option is the Carrollton Salvation Army clothing bank. All of these three tools help clients. There may even be some furniture sold in some cases.

Youth based programs are run too. Some are spiritual based, others are just to help ensure that kids do not struggle just because their parents may be. Some of the services are listed above (Christmas gifts, school, etc.) and some are independent. Those range from bible type classes to free after school. They help parents too, as the Salvation Army can alleviate some of the pressure off the parents. As they have a place to bring their kid.

Carroll County Project Share from Salvation Army

Emergency financial is is offered from this service. It is for a crisis only, and of course the Salvation Army will only help when they have the money to do so. All applications are reviewed on a one off basis. The staff will determine if someone is or is not qualified. If they are, then maybe a few dollars is paid out for back rent, a utility bill, or even security deposit. Other expenses (medications, transportation, etc.) can be offered too if needed.





If and when someone is not qualified for the Carroll County Salvation Army Project Share, then referrals may be offered instead. The case manager will try to find some alternative in the community. Sometimes this may involve a local church. Sometimes the referral may be to a social service office from the government. In any case the charity will do its best to find an alternative. They will even help on application process where applicable.

Even if Project Share can meet a need, the Carroll County center may still direct the client to long term support. As a food pantry may feed a person for a few days, but SNAP food stamps is long term. The same things apply to disability, housing, and other needs.

All assistance requires an appointment. Even for the food pantry. So be prepared for both an interview as well as proof if need, including income, a lease, copy of prescription from doctor, etc. The main address is 115 Lake Carroll Blvd, Carrollton, GA 30117, and it is open to 5pm. Call (770) 830-0120.




By Jon McNamara

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