Carroll County Salvation Army emergency assistance.

Some or all of the following may be provided by the Carroll County Salvation Army. A food pantry, thrift store, shelter, case management, and seasonal assistance are the core social services. But there may be others offered, based on funding levels and the applicant's need.

Appointments are needed. When this is done, the applicant should bring proof of income. They need to be age 18 or old, need to have a job or be imminent employable, can't be transitioning from an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program, there needs to be copies of Security Cards and/or Foreign ID, and more. Also, all resources are limited, especially financial aid for housing, utility bills, and other costs.

The thrift store from the Carroll County Salvation Army is open a few days per week, 52 weeks per year in Minerva Ohio. This is one the program that does not have the same stringent application process in place. Rather the Family Store is open to the public. In fact, many of the people that shop there are teens seeking vintage gifts or families buying laptop comouters, immigrants that are new to the area, college students, and youth looking to buy furniture or goods for a new apartment.

There are many items sold there. The inventory changes weekly based on what is sold and donations. But the Carroll County Salvation Army may have the following.

  • -Household items, including beds, dressers, nightstands, kitchen tables, etc.
  • -Appliances, most of which are small. This may be a microwave, dishwasher, or old computer.
  • -Clothes of all sorts, for work, school, or warm weather attire, such as jackets.
  • -Vintage electronic items, including CDs, record players, and similar goods, with even the possibility of laptops for free.

The thrift store uses donations and volunteers to operate. But there are also several other Carroll County Salvation Army seasonal programs that also rely on these donations. They include programs in the Spring, Fall, and Winter months.





During Christmas, there are seasonal services available. These include free toys, games, and gifts for children under the age of 13 as part of Angel Tree. This holiday programs allows generous members of the community to take a child's name off a tree in a public place, such as a post office in Minerva. They then purchase the gift requested. Both boys and girls may be supported by the Angel Tree.

The other seasonal programs include free Thanksgiving meals, including turkeys with all the toppings. The Carroll County Salvation Army can also provide coats to keep kids and the elderly warm during the winter, window box fans for summer months, and even school supplies.

The homeless, and individuals in imminent threat of homelessness, may be supported. Whether it is a Carroll County Salvation Army shelter for individuals that are sleeping on the streets or in an unsafe area, a hot meal for the homeless, and help in paying rent due to a local landlord, support is arranged. If the eviction may be caused by unpaid water or electric bills, then funds may assist with utility bill as well.

The Carroll County Salvation Army also cares for the most vulnerable. There are too many senior citizens or veterans that lack the support they need. People recovering from a house fire or other disaster often struggle to get back on their feet. Or children that are out on summer break often need a meal or snack to keep them fed as they can't turn to the local school. This is also where the Salvation Army tries to help.

Not only may the church based group offer counseling and faith services to them, but more basic needs can be provided too. Some Salvation Army of Carroll County volunteers may bring the homebound a hot meal or visit them during the holidays. Or they give a family recovering from disaster a free voucher to shop for clothes and furniture at the thrift store. Many forms of assistance may be arranged for these individuals.

For more information on the programs administered from this local Carroll County Salvation Army center. The two offices are at 301 Valley St, Minerva, Ohio 44657, (phone (330) 868-5808) as well as 620 Line Street, Minerva, OH 44657, which can be reached at (330) 868-5808.



By Jon McNamara

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