Cabell County assistance programs.

Find help with rent, housing, and utility bill assistance

The City of Huntington West Virginia, and Cabell County, will receive almost $1 million in federal government aid to help West Virginians who are behind in their housing payments, and who may be currently  experiencing homelessness. The state plans to work with them to quickly provide aid so they can stay in their homes, or re-house and stabilize the families if they are currently homeless. The grants and funds can be used to provide either short or medium-term help with rent. The money can also be used for housing relocation and stabilization services.

As another benefit to the federal stimulus, other assistance programs available for this funding include credit card counseling, mediation,  help with paying security or utility deposits as well as energy bills, utility bill payments, moving cost assistance, and even case management is provided for eligible individuals and families who need help.

To be more specific, the grants can be used for up to 3 months of short-term rental assistance, or medium term aid of up to 18 months can be provided. As mentioned above, security and utility deposits can be paid as well, as other electric bills.




Other charities and agencies in the region also provide housing assistance. They may help with the following:

  • Back rent and/or security deposits to move to an affordable home.
  • LIHEAP energy bill applications.
  • Attorneys may represent very low income tenants or seniors for free to address evictions or mortgage issues.
  • Information on loan programs for help with rent.
  • Shelters for the homeless Huntington.
  • Other support too. Find rental assistance in Cabell County.

Huntington area soup kitchens and food pantries feed struggling families. They also help the homeless, children, and single parents among others. Not only may they offer food, but most have holiday meal boxes or Christmas toys. Other assistance may be clothing items, hygiene supplies, free school supplies, and more; in addition to food. More on Cabell County food pantries.





Southwestern Community Action Council

This non profit organization, located at 540 Fifth Avenue in Huntington (304-525-5151) offers families a diverse range of assistance programs and services including job training, energy saving weatherization assistance, help with paying heating bills, grants for rent, and the the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP).

The Cabell County non-profit is the leading community action agency for the region. The focus in on helping low income families and those facing poverty with getting back on track to self-sufficiency. So the agency, also known as SCAC, will coordinate job training and educational services, including Head Start for infants and children. The under and unemployed can explore these services as well.

While resources are limited, and most of the funding comes from the Community Service Block Grant, other financial aid may be offered as well. This can range from help to pay for housing needs, including rent or a security deposit for the homeless, to medications. Food assistance may also be administered by referrals to pantries or applications for food stamps. They also run a low income housing unit in the Huntington areas known as Simms Housing Project.

If case managers can’t meet your needs, referrals may be offered to other charities or non-profits in Cabell County. Read Southwestern Community Action Council assistance programs.

Heating bill assistance and social services

Another local agency that people can turn to for aid is the Salvation Army. They are one of the more important agencies in the area, and they offer a number of programs, including help for heating bills. The Salvation Army says that people shouldn't hesitate to go to Cabell County Information and Referral at the Cabell County Library's third floor to apply for assistance for their bills. They may also be able to provide help for prescription drug bills, rent, free food, and more. You can also call them at (304) 529-2401.



By Jon McNamara

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