Assistance from Yankee Gas in Connecticut.

Some of the ways that Yankee Gas helps low income customers include payment plans, winter protection, and matching dollar programs. The funding for these resources comes from a combination of donations from customers, government grants, and direct financial assistance from Yankee Gas. Get information on the resources and services provided, as well as contact information.

State of Connecticut programs for Yankee Gas customers

A conservation program known as (HES-IE) Income-Eligible (formerly known as WRAP) can help customers save money. Homeowners and/or renters may be able to qualify if their income is at a certain level. This is a free weatherization type program, and it can help people make their homes more energy efficient.  Home Energy Solutions can offer residential only customers lower energy use by conservation. Customers may qualify for installation of energy-saving devices, air sealing, insulation, heating and appliance evaluations and tune ups.

The Winter Protection Plan is offered by all energy providers in Connecticut, including Yankee Gas. Many customers can prevent a shut off of their gas and heating service during the cold winter months of November to March. There are conditions that need to be met of course. Call 1-800-438-2278 for details.

Many people who receive assistance from Winter Protection Plan include the blind, elderly and disabled, people on temporary family assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, general assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or customers who have a serious or life-threatening illness in the household. Also make sure you continue to pay your Yankee Gas bills, even if you are on the plan, so that you are not too far behind when it ends.





Department of Social Services runs the Weatherization Program. While it is paid for by the federal government, the state runs it and offers it to families. Yankee Gas customers can apply at their local Community Action Agency or they can call the DSS Energy Hotline at 1-800-842-1132.

LIHEAP is another key government program that low income Yankee Gas customers can apply for. Priority is for the disabled, families with children, and the elderly. They can receive grants and maybe credits that will be applied to their annual heating bill.

Yankee Gas specific programs

Several resources are paid for and administered directly by Yankee Gas. They include the Matching Payment Program. This is for low-income and working poor heating customers with past-due balances on their accounts. It provides people the ability to receive financial assistance for paying gas bills year-round. It also gives them the possibility of debt forgiveness for back balances owed.

Customers who are successfully enrolled need to continue to make and keep a payment arrangement, and they also need to have qualified for government energy assistance funds (such as LIHEAP), which will be also applied to your Yankee Gas bills.




For those customers who are enrolled, Yankee Gas will deduct from your total heating/gas bill an amount equal to the money you received from the government low income energy assistance program as well as they will deduct the money you've paid. Call 1-800-438-2278 for information on the Matching Payment Program.

Operation Fuel relies on the donations from customers and others. Customers can donate from Add-a-Dollar, which is offered on their monthly bill. Every dollar someone contributes is tax-deductible, and it goes directly towards helping the needy.

Connecticut residents, many with children or seniors at home, who are struggling to keep warm during the winter are the primary beneficiaries of Operation Fuel. Most people who receive financial help don't qualify for other public or private assistance programs. A statewide network of fuel banks and community action agencies across the state oversee Operation Fuel.

When you add a donation to your Yankee Gas bill, the energy provider will match it with a 50-cent contribution of their own through a special community contribution fund (up to the first $100,000 in total customer contributions). They will forward all contributions that are made from customers directly to Operation Fuel. This program works closely with a statewide Connecticut network of fuel banks to provide aid to the needy.



By Jon McNamara

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