Wake County emergency assistance.

Several Wake County and Raleigh North Carolina housing and energy assistance programs can assist families in an emergency situation. Find more on the various programs and social services below, as well as who to call and how to apply.

Rent and Housing Emergency Assistance – Families with a child and who are faced with an eviction may be able to qualify for emergency rental assistance or funds to pay a security deposit. To learn more about the Wake County government housing and rent programs that are focused on families, including single parents, dial 919-212-7000. You may also be able to get information on other social service programs offered in Wake County.

Wake County energy, electric, and utility assistance

The county administers several different energy and utility assistance programs. Learn more about each of the resources available below.

First of all, the county partners with the state of North Carolina to administer a few different plans, one of which is known as Service Intake. This is part of NC benefits and services. The number one goal of this particular assistance program is to provide emergency energy bill help to families and individuals who are faced with a crisis. An assessment will be undertaken, and after that point in time financial assistance and cash grants may be provided for qualified low income households. The money can be used to pay utility, water, heating, and even air conditioning bills during the hot summer months.

This emergency assistance program provides cash to households across Wake County North Carolina who are faced with a heating crisis. Individuals or families who heat their homes or apartments with gas, electricity, fuel oil, kerosene, wood or coal can apply for help. So the county will cover all fuel types.

This resource also provides emergency financial assistance to families or individuals who are experiencing a cooling crisis during warmer weather and who need help with paying their air conditioning bills. Several funding sources can be used by the county government for providing support, and each has its own specific guidelines and income limits. An applicant must have a disconnection notice in order to get help, and for more information about Service Intake please dial 919-212-7000 for intake.





The Wake County government is also the place to go to apply for the federal government Low-Income Energy Assistance (LIEAP). This is funded by both federal government and state of North Carolina funds. The program gives qualified low income families a one-time cash payment or grant to help pay heating bills and other utility expenses. Applications are taken during the late fall and winter months for heating aid. If you need help with summer cooling bills, you need to apply in the late spring or early summer. For further information call 919-212-7000 to learn about the LIEAP program.

Free fans can be provided from a program known as Cool 4 Wake. To learn more about this program or in order to apply, households must request fans through their WCHS Case Manager/Case Worker/ or Social Worker. While anyone can apply, a focus is on senior citizens and homes with children.

The referring Wake County social worker should verify the household has not received a free fan or air conditioner from this program within the past 12 months by calling 919-212-7083 and completing necessary paperwork and applications. Qualifying households will be issued a new fan.

From time to time, the county may be able to distribute free or low cost air conditioners to Raleigh and Wake County families as part of the social services programs. While unfortunately limited funds do not generally allow the government to purchase air conditioning units for the low income, sometimes the county will have units donated to them and they then provide these AC systems to low income people at risk, including seniors and families with children. Air conditioning units are definitely harder to get, but they are offered from time to time. Call 919-212-7083.

The North Carolina Bankers Association as well as Wake County Human Services work together to offer heating help from the Warmth for Wake energy assistance outreach program. It offers fuel, oil, and financial assistance for heating bills during the winter.



By Jon McNamara

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