United Ministries emergency assistance in Kenton County.

United Ministries focuses on assisting the most vulnerable in society. This generally includes low income households with a child or senior citizens. People with a disability (either mental or physical) or an illness often get priority as well. However any resident of Kenton County Kentucky can apply for help.

There is a thrift store for basic needs as well as food pantry. Homeless prevention services from United Ministries range from referrals to no interest loans for energy bills or rent to legal support. They also try to ensure that the vulnerable have some form of medical care accessible, as the cost of health care is exploding in the state of Kentucky. Other services may also be arranged.

Emergency food assistance is available through United Ministries, which provides both boxes of groceries as well as hot meals all year for any needy individual from the pantry. The definition of Food Insecurity was determined by the USDA when a struggling household does not have proper access to nutrition that supports a healthy lifestyle. Keeping in mind that some low-income families may not struggle with food insecurity all the time, they do not nourish themselves with proper nutrition.

This resource can be met by referrals to local soup kitchens or food pantries, and is offered to anyone who comes to the local Service Centers. Working poor, low-income families are also provided with fresh food through a collaboration between United Ministries and local charities or soup kitchens. Other items passed out include toiletries, household supplies and also personal hygiene items.

Working poor families that use the emergency United Ministries food pantry program many times decide to use their finances for basic survival needs like shelter or healthcare. So the pantry frees up their monthly income for those other bills rather than spend money on nutritionally dense food. Due to the fact that in Kenton County alone, over 10% of households struggle with food insecurity, this led to the agency to create several food programs, including those above as well as USDA commodities. Call 859-727-0300 to make an appointment.

The Thrift Store aids disadvantaged households by allowing them to purchase essential household items that are donated by the community. All of the money raised from the sale is used to pay for the operation of United Ministries, and it even pay for their financial aid programs.




United Ministries readily accepts donated items for the Thrift Store especially high demand inventory such as large and small appliance in proper working order like washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators. Furniture such as sofas, bath & bedding, housewares, dishes, kitchen tables, computers, pots/pans and electronic are always welcome as donations. The goods are then sold at a low price. There may be the following available in the community.
-Furniture, including beds.
-Kitchen supplies such as dishes.
-United Ministries has work and school items, including clothing.

Proceeds from the Thrift Store support United Ministries programs and its operating costs. There will not be a profit made by the agency, but the money is just recycled to paying for the other services.

United Ministries staff members try to help low-income, uninsured Kenton County residents obtain prescription medication either for free or at low cost. They can also help them get basic equipment, such as crutches or similar goods, for medical needs.

This is an advisory service for qualifying clients. Funding for any type of medication comes from pharmaceutical company plans, individuals, foundations, local businesses such as hospitals, civic organizations and churches. No funding for this program is received by United Ministries from the state of Kentucky, federal government or United Way funds.

Family Development and Direct Support Adult Services will give residents that have the desire to improve their quality of life the tools they need. The United Ministries case worker partners with clients to assess their needs, goals, and strengths. Through this process participating low to moderate income families receive direct support such as food from the pantry, vouchers for medications or groceries, and job training services from United Ministries.

The thought is that by building on the person's strengths, the client will gain self-reliance and break the dependency on welfare or charitable support. This will also lead to stronger parent-child as well as employer-employee relationships.




Case management from United Ministries may be able to assist working poor residents with making rent as well as energy bill payments to avoid eviction or a shut off of their electricity. Applicants to the financial aid or a loan must meet Federal Poverty guidelines to be income-eligible. In addition, they are also required to show a current disconnection notice from their Kentucky utility company or a Failure to Pay Rent Notice from the courts. To be eligible, the applicant must meet other guidelines and have some form of income coming into their home.

In an emergency, United Ministries can be reached at 525 Graves Ave, Erlanger, KY 41018. the primary phone number is (859) 727-0300, and the office is open limited hours.


By Jon McNamara

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