United Ministries of Boone County assistance programs.

At United Ministries, the goal is to best support and prepare clients of all races, backgrounds, and religions as they work to regain their self-sufficiency. Employees, volunteers and supporters hope that the non-profits services will bring hope into the lives of those they touch.

A key goal is to maintain the dignity of the people who come to the non-profit for help, so they offer them options. Some of the assistance may include food, bedding, furniture, clothing, household appliances, school supplies, government grants for bills, personal care products, or other necessary items or assistance. This helps them feel empowered at a time when they feel that their lives are out of control.

The agency will provide other support as well, such as applications to government benefits in Boone County Kentucky and the staff will also distribute clothing vouchers that enable clients to pick out what they need from thrift shops. Referrals, information on job training, and more is coordinated.

United Ministries thrift store help families across the city and county of Boone. The locations is open to all households, whether they live in the area or not. Shoppers can purchase a wide variety of low cost, gently used goods.

What may be sold includes clothing for work, such as suits, dresses, or slacks. There may also be household items such as cribs, beds, and tables. Or look for low cost car seats. Not only that, but those who qualify from United Ministries and who meet income limits may be able to receive a voucher to shop at the thrift store. This means that the goods will be given to them for free. Most of the vouchers are for families recovering from an emergency or disaster.

With the ever increasing spikes in the cost of a family's monthly grocery bill, and the challenging economy in Boone County Kentucky, the United Ministries Food Pantry is for struggling households. The center is supported by donations from civic groups, grocery stores, surplus food from restaurants in Boone County, and other groups.

United Ministries can help individuals that are struggling to put food on the table when an unexpected emergency arises. It is not to be used as a long term resource. When possible, the Food Pantry provides approximately 3 days of shelf-stable groceries to a household. The box of food may contain fresh produce, vegetables, and frozen ground beef or turkey to families.




As donations allow, special diets may be met too. Using surplus goods from companies such as Kroger or Wal-Mart, United Ministries tries to offer healthier options to the sick or elderly that have special dietary needs. There may be whole wheat pasta, ensure for seniors, food for diabetics such as low-sugar cereals, and items for different faiths or religions.

Money raised from the thrift store and other sources is used to provide emergency financial assistance. In order to receive help with bills from United Ministries, clients must have all of the documentation requested. In addition, appointments need to be made, and this will be done in the order that they are received by the non-profit.

The neighbors of the charity who qualify can receive assistance with rent, utility or water bills, or mortgage payments. There may also be some help for medical needs, such as prescription medications. In an effort to help as many people as people, the funds will be paid out with great care.

A focus is on medical needs in Boone County. Not only may vouchers help pay for a medication, but there can also be equipment to loan out, such as wheelchairs or crutches. Any support will of course depend on available resources.

Volunteers and full time staff members from the agency will assess the critical requests and try to help accordingly. Whether money is issued, or a loan is used, any payment from United Ministries will be made directly to lessors, agencies, landlords or utility providers. No funds will ever be sent to the applicant.

Employment Readiness – The United Ministries program provides skill assessments and one-on-one counseling sessions for those who are looking for work. Employment specialists from local job force centers in Boone County assist each participant individually as part of the case management process. They will be involved in collecting and organizing work history, staging practice interviews, developing a strong resume and cover letter, and setting up an email account.




All job-search avenues are covered, including online or offline searching, networking, and cold calling, as well as the registration process and services of the Department of Workforce Services. Program participants are provided with free access to the Internet for employment-related activities as well as to computers.

Those are only some of the programs administered by the Minisry. There are many others available. For more details, the center is based at 525 Graves Avenue, Erlanger, Kentucky 41018. Call 859-727-0300 for intake.


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