Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council housing programs.

Services from counseling to emergency funds may be provided from the Homeless Services Council of the Treasure Coast. They are part of the Continuum of Care and receive federal government grants and support as part of that. The money is then provided to those that are struggling in the counties of St. Lucie, Indian River and Martin Counties. So the grants can be used to pay security deposits to rehouse someone, delinquent utility bills, or back rent expense.

Most of the information on the services and applications are available from the Resource Center. This is where the needy can learn about emergency utility bill or rental programs. This, and more, is offered to income qualified households. Any support of course depends on availability of funds.

A formal application process is in place by the Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council. This will ensure that only qualified people receive help from the agency. As part of the application process, some or all of the following will need to occur.

An intake assessment will take please with a case manager. They will evaluate the individual requesting help and act accordingly. The staff from the Resource Center will screen out who may be qualified.

If found to be eligible for financial aid, the client will need to partner with a case manager. While in some cases the Homeless Services Council will provide grants for their families housing needs, in other instances a referral or loan will be issued to the participant.

Based on the client’s ability to meet funding guidelines, they may receive emergency financial assistance for rent, security deposits, and/or utilities. All money is paid directly to the utility company or landlord, and not the client. Also keep in mind conditions will need to be continued to be adhered too.

Self-sufficiency is another requirement. The low income family or individuals will need to continue to meet with a case manager. What will be required is the creation of a basic budget. This will also involve paying down debts or repair credit. The client will need to come up with, and follow a plan to help the person remain stable over the long term.




Counseling is also available and often required. As a matter of fact, the agency is HUD certified. Staff from the Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council offer free advice and support to renters, homeowners and currently homeless households.

Mortgage default counseling is for homeowners in the region, including St Lucie and Indian River County. It is for those homeowners that are behind on their home loan and may be faced with a foreclosures. HUD approved counselors from Treasure Coast Homeless Services Council will meet with the borrower, review their financial information and current mortgage terms, and provide other support. Together the individuals can explore all options and solutions that are available, including loan modifications and similar options.

The counselor will also help the homeowner resolve the cause of the hardship that lead to their struggle. So they can create a budget and take other steps, and this is in fact critical to the process.

Tenant counseling, especially for preventing evictions, is available. This service is for people that are currently renting their home or apartment. Maybe they owe money to their landlord, or they are seeking a new, affordable home to move to. Regardless, specialists from Homeless Services Council may be able to assist.

The individual can receive free information about your landlord’s responsibility under Florida law and what their rights are. They can also get referrals to emergency aid programs, including some that may be run by the coalition. If your eviction is due to unpaid water or electric bills, then help may be offered for that too. If someone is faced with a serious legal problem, then referrals may be offered to Florida Rural Legal Services.

The main address for the center is 2525 St. Lucie Avenue, Vero Beach, Florida 32960, call (772)567-7790




By Jon McNamara

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