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Toledo Edison assistance programs.

Low income customers of Toledo Edison can get help paying their utility bills. The energy provider offers payment plans, debt forgiveness, extended due dates and more. Customers of this Ohio energy company can also explore federal government and state resources, such as HEAP in Ohio or free weathierzation. Find details below.

Toledo Edison will do what it can to assist the low income, senior citizens, and the disabled in the community with their expenses and keeping their lights and power on. Resources are also available for individuals with a medical need.

One service that is available for all customers, regardless of their income, is the Equal Payment Plan. This is often called EPP or budget billing. It offers customers the ability, and really the convenience, of making consistent monthly payments on their account. So they pay the same dollar amount per month and are able to avoid the normal seasonal highs (during the winter) and lows (say during the spring) in their utility bills.

As part of this plan, Toledo Edison customers will be billed a total of one-twelfth of their estimated annual usage. The account will also be reviewed quarterly for any needed adjustments. A true up will occur once per year, which could result in a credit or an additional change on your account. The true up will reflect your actual usage vs. the estimated dollar amount. The equal payment plan is free to sign up for and many customers say it helps them budget their paychecks and plan accordingly based on their income.

The Home Energy Assistance Program is paid for by the federal government but is administered by the State of Ohio Department of Development. Community action agencies in every county accept applications and distribute funds. It assists with paying winter heating bills and sometimes cooling and air conditioning bills. There is a regular grant paid out as well as an emergency component for people facing a shutoff of their account.

Extended Due Dates are offered for Toledo Edison senior customers, people who get a pension and those on Social Security. It will coordinate when you are billed and when you receive that income.

Deferred Payment Program for military members is available. Call 1-800-447-3333. It is for families of all income levels facing a hardship because someone is in the active military. Customers can defer all or a portion of their utility bill. Once the family members returns to Ohio and the community, the account will be reviewed again for the possibility of a payment program.




Neighbors Helping Neighbors is administered by the Toledo Ohio Salvation Army. It is for those individuals that need temporary help in paying their electric bill due to an emergency hardship condition. The fund relies on donations from FirstEnergy shareholders, Toledo Edison customers, charities, and company employees. Call 419-241-3549.

An Extended Payment Plan is offered for those who need more time to pay their account. This program will delay/prevent a shut off and maintain your service while you make payments on your account that are more suited to your financial situation. The past balance will need to be dealt with as well, or the debt may be forgiven.

PIPP Plus, or Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus, will allow Toledo Edison to accept payments on your account that will be based on a percentage of your household income. This is only offered for very low income households or those who meet government poverty guidelines. While the terms can change, the usual amount owed is $10 per month, or 6-10% of your income, whichever is more. It also depends on whether you use electricity or natural gas. Dial 1-800-447-3333 for more details on the state of Ohio program known as PIPP Plus.

Toledo Edison also works with local Ohio county departments of human services, community action agencies, veteran's services offices, charities, and the soldier's relief commissions in an effort to coordinate emergency assistance. The energy company may have information or referrals to some of these places.

Ohio Fuel Fund Grant Program can assist income qualified residential customers with the payment of their monthly utility bill in an effort to maintain their service. It can even pay for the establishment for new electric service for applicants who have an unpaid bill or outstanding debts from a previous balance. FirstEnergy pays for this grant and applications are processed through community-based non-profit organizations. Income guidelines need to be met.





If you are facing a serious medical condition, then look into the Toledo Edison Medical Certification program. Qualified customers that have a severe health problem may have a doctor certify that, for these serious health reasons, their power should not be disconnected for nonpayment of their bills. Some type of payment arrangement will be explored.

Find how to get help from Toledo Edison

There are a number of assistance programs offered, referrals, payment options and more. Call the customer service team at 1 (800) 447-3333


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