Together Inc. financial assistance programs.

Assisting people of all backgrounds, Together Inc. is a leading non-profit that administers several different programs. Free food is available from their Choice Pantry, and they also process applications to SNAP food stamps, Kids Connection or other benefits. Families in Omaha can also learn about housing assistance or programs for their children.

Together is involved in the operation of a number of resources to help struggling Omaha Nebraska residents with almost any problem and challenge they are dealing with. While more details are below, there can be short-term financial help to get through a tough time, or for those in an immediate crisis, money may be paid out in an emergency.

Staff from the non-profit take care of the client and their needs. This may involve supplying them with a box of food from the Pantry, some free baby formula, or a box of diapers. Just that little bit of extra support will often take some pressure off and make your month a little easier.

For Omaha families who are dealing with major issues, such as losing a home to foreclosure and being unsure about where to stay, Together Inc will try to offer financial assistance with the housing crisis. This may be grants or other funds for rent or a deposit. Or they can help with obtaining important personal documents, and making appropriate referrals to other resources.

Qualifying Omaha residents can use the Together Inc Choice Pantry every 30 days to pick up a food package. It will generally make around 20 or so meals. Available foods are healthy and nutritious, including breakfast items, breads, meat, fruits, vegetables, and more, depending on current selections. This service frees up family funds that can then be used toward purchasing necessities.

Together Inc. Kitchen Essentials Program offers basic kitchen items that may not be available through other agencies or resources. This may be toasters, plates, silverware, place settings, pans, and utensils and other needed items, with the selection varying from one visit to the next. Clients that meet income limits can come once every two weeks to shop for essential housewares.





Reducing incidence of homelessness in Omaha is a priority at Together Inc. In order to help clients avoid losing their homes or apartments to eviction, they offer eligible low-income clients financial assistance with covering the costs of back rent, utilities, and deposits. Some people are given loans since resources are so limited. This is intended as short-term assistance to avoid losing housing.

Together runs the SSVF - Supportive Services for Veterans and Families grant program. It has a purpose of providing programming and support services to very low-income veterans and their families. The aid is for those in Omaha who are either living in or making the transition into permanent housing.

Using SSVF funds, they have been able to help eligible veterans stabilize their finances and housing by providing outreach services, case management and assistance with receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA) and other agencies in Nebraska. For a limited time, the agency can provide financial assistance in the form of payments to a third party. This may be money for rent due to a landlord, utility company, deposits to moving company, or vouchers for a child care provider. This is only offered as long as it can be demonstrated that the service is necessary to keep a family in their own home.

Together Inc also provide services in the following areas as part of SSVF. Clients can benefit from Health Care, Legal Services, Daily Living Assistance, Fiduciary and Payee Services, and also Personal Finance Planning. All of this is for veterans in Omaha.

Documentation such as State-issued ID cards and certified birth certificates are necessary when looking for work in Douglas County. Or they are needed when applying for housing, applying for a loan or opening a bank account, entering school, and applying for Department of Health and Human Services benefits. For people that lack proper identification, this process becomes even more difficult. Together issues vouchers to help clients obtain the documentation necessary to move ahead. They can also assist with any necessary applications for documentation.





The clothing closet – thrift store will often have basic furniture on hand to give to people with verified need. Together Inc. will distribute the furniture at no cost to help clients and new tenants free up cash to use for other housing expenses. People will then have extra money for security deposits, rent, and other immediate bills. Depending on donations and distribution, the furniture selection can vary from one day to the next.

Free MAT bus passes may be offered. These tend to be for people who have a new job and no reliable way to get there. Or there may be rides for job interviews in Omaha.

Government benefits from Together Inc.

ACCESS Nebraska is one resources available. This is a catch-all website that provides a convenient way to expedite the application process of a number of different public assistance as well as government benefit programs. Learn about Medicaid, Child Care Subsidy, Food Stamp Benefits, Aid to Dependent Children (ADC), Energy and Heating Bill Assistance, and more.

The federally funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is available in Douglas County and Omaha. This resource helps improve the nutrition levels of low-income households, including those with children. It offers financial assistance for the purpose of purchasing food or groceries. Applicants to this Together Inc service must meet eligibility requirements to receive assistance, although participating in other types of government benefits is not a prerequisite.




Kids Connection health care coverage is available in Nebraska. This was created to be an extension of Medicaid that has been created to cover children who are without other health insurance and who do not qualify for the federally sponsored Medicaid. The federal funded health care program, which is officially called the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), provides the same services that Medicaid does.

Together Inc. is based at 812 S. 24th Street, Omaha, NE 68108. When visiting to apply for assistance, applicants need bring photo ID, and a current piece of mail dated within the last 30 days. Proof of income is also needed. Call 402-345-8047.


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