Christian Help Center emergency assistance and support services.

In an effort to offer emergency aid, and help families gain stability, the Christian Help Center provides guidance and financial support to the working poor and struggling. There is help for the unemployed, senior citizens in Persons and nearby counties, and others that just need to referrals or guidance.

The charity, using money donated from the community and also relying heavily on volunteers, can provide everything from free food or clothing to funds for living expenses such as rent or prescription medications. Any disbursements will only occur after a thorough intake and application process.

Another focus is on keeping families warm during the somewhat colder winter months in North Carolina, and to ensure this happens, applications to public benefits such as LIHEAP or funds for energy bills are available. The Christian Help Center will work with clients on exploring all options when they are faced with a crisis.

The Food Bank in Roxboro North Carolina has limited hours, and the contents of each box or bag of groceries will vary based on donation and collection levels. Whenever possible, Christian Help Center  will try to provide both families and individuals with free, healthy, nutritious food. There will often be limits to the service, such as it can help usually once per month and the items are for income-eligible households and individuals. The pantry supplies groceries, perishable items, and canned goods to clients on an eligibility basis that is determined by income.

Hot meals may be served too. The number of meals, such as a lunch or even Christmas holiday meal, distributed continues to rise as economic conditions remain challenging. On an average month, local soup kitchens serve dozens of people per month at the food pantry or another feeding site.

In order to help low-income families and individuals, The Christian Help Center is always seeking both monetary and non-perishable contributions of groceries. The agency's goal is to keep people from being hungry, with a focus on children as well as the elderly.

Eviction Prevention brings together different solutions. There may be federal government grants for paying back rent to trained agency mediators who partner with tenants and landlords to discuss eviction problems and ideally try to find other helpful alternatives to stopping homelessness including but not limited to negotiated agreements between all the different parties.





During the processes put into place, landlords and tenants are educated about their rights and responsibilities including enrolling them into financial education workshops, the stipulation of written materials one on one counseling sessions and assistance to tenants in applying for emergency funds. There is also support for families to aid in removing barriers that have contributed to their need for homeless prevention services.

The major qualification for the program include income verification, documentation for all family members, the client needs to be working, tenancy or mortgage status and miscellaneous cost information such as other household bills are required to determine eligibility. All resources from the center, or any local charity in Warren or Vance County for that matter, are very limited. However, when possible, clients may receive one-time rental assistance from the The Christian Help Center in order to prevent being evicted from their dwellings.

The Christian Help Center offer a Case Management Program to assist low income and elderly persons and families. Through collaborative efforts with many churches and government agencies, assistance can be provided in obtaining Medicare, Health Care, Public Assistance, Social Security Disability, Food Stamps, and Emergency Assistance for energy bills. The staff can also assist families in locating affordable housing.

All across counties such as Person and Vance is safe, respectful and effective permanent supportive housing. This is an option for many individuals and families. The goal is to prevent homelessness and help people gain stability.

Individuals who are accepted into this service will be placed into transitional housing while accessing the other resources provided by The Christian Help Center. There are a number of counselors and staff that will assist clients with addressing a hardship. Clients will also be able to enroll into job training and placement assistance, find affordable day care, access local transportation as well as recreational activities.

Adult Education and GED Preparation is a part of Case Management too. The Learning Center High school offers adult literacy, general education credentialing (GED), Math Instruction, and also remedial help for students in other training programs.




Many of the services in North Carolina from Christian Help Center or other agencies are quite different from other adult education programs in the state. Everything is offered in small groups and one-on-one, so it is more personnel in both setting goals and helping people achieve them.

The faith based charity and its staff are located at 122 Depot Street, Roxboro NC 27573. Applications are only processed at certain times. Call the main center at (336) 599-6070.

By Jon McNamara

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