St Patrick financial assistance programs.

St Patrick's is focused on helping the very low income and also the homeless in the community. The charity provides a one stop location for residents to go to for help with everything from rent assistance to free food and other support. They also operate a shelter in St. Louis, and another focus is on reintegrating veterans back to the community.

The Casserole service is a community-wide effort that provides free, daily hot meals to homeless as well as impoverished individuals in the area surrounding St. Patrick Center. Meals will be healthy as possible, and they are prepared and served by thousands of volunteers from church groups and other non-profit organizations.

St. Patrick Center operates an emergency shelter for homeless women as well as single parents. Most of the resources are focused on those who have or have had mental illness or disability, and the site is called Women’s Night.

This was established as an enhanced emergency shelter, meaning that each guest is required to participate in case management services focused on treatment or trauma intervention. The program also helps the women achieve financial stability, explore permanent housing opportunities, and obtain psychiatric and/or medical services.

A Homeless Employment Program from St. Patrick offers help for those on the streets. They may receive free job training, followed up with assistance with your job search. Individualized case management services focus on setting individual goals. After this is done, clients will be creating a personalized plan in regard to how goals will be attained.

Each low income or homeless participant attends Job Readiness Training classes, followed by the development of an Individual Employment Plan that provides an outline for the veteran’s employment goals. There will also be the discussion or ways for achieving the goals and appropriate methods for overcoming those barriers. These plans provide a map to assist in identifying enrollee progress and are adjusted to facilitate ongoing goal achievement.




An employment specialist from St. Patrick provides assistance and guidance in obtaining the appropriate permanent, full-time job, hopefully with benefits. Once a client is hired for a stable job in the St. Louis area, they are then given the opportunity of applying to receive one time rent or ongoing housing assistance.

The goal is to help clients access all of the services they need to achieve financial stability and permanent housing. As part of this endeavor and process, there are General Education Development (GED), Adult Basic Education and Fast Track GED programs, often in partnership with groups such as St. Louis Community College. They will assist in increasing clients’ long-term employment options, while also improving their chances of being accepted by colleges or trade schools.

To assist individuals who are parents, St Patrick operates a low cost or free on-site childcare center for children from the age of six weeks to six years. While the parents are working, keeping appointments with health care professionals and case managers, or attending classes, the children are in the day care program.

Financial aid and other support is part of the Neighborhood Support Program. This was established In order to cover needs that our other programs may not address. While a client and/or family may be earning an income, a crisis can still occur.

In these cases, St. Patrick is always prepared to help neighbors in times of need with crisis intervention. The charity may pay out a loan or issue one-time financial assistance to cover a month’s rent or mortgage payment for St. Louis residents. It is only for Zip Codes of 63101, 63102, 63103, 63104, 63106, 63107 and 63108. There may also be emergency items like food, clothing and household goods. Referrals to other community resources or government agencies are also available through the Neighborhood Support Program.

Medical care can be arranged too. Addressing health problems, preventive a crisis, and controlling medical issues is a very important step in the process of working toward greater stability and financial independence. To help the needy in this effort, there is a grant from the Episcopal-Presbyterian Charitable Health and Medical Trust, and St. Patrick Center used this money to establish a Healthcare Wing in the Partnership Center.

Help for veterans

The charities Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program is an intensive employment service that provides veterans and their families with the support services they need to achieve their goals and re-enter the world of work. St. Patrick offers a number of assistance programs from this, and available services include referrals to agencies and specialists who work with individuals with substance-abuse and mental health issues.





For those that enroll, the program begins with Job Readiness Training, following which the veterans move on to working one-on-one with the program’s employment specialists. They partner together to explore the client’s situation to gain an understanding of the barriers they face and to determine the best way to eliminate those challenges. Next, the employment specialist performs an assessment of the veteran's employment needs, goals, skills and career interests, and the results become the basis of an Individual Employment Plan.

The Plan created as part of Reintegration is an outline of the client’s employment goals. It touches upon barriers, strategies, and methods for achieving further success in meeting goals. To be eligible, clients are required to have served in the U.S. Armed Forces; be able to work at least 20 hours per week, and they also must fit the federal Department of Labor definition of homelessness.

There are other options available for members of the military as well. St. Patrick Center is participating in the newly created Federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program, or SSVF. The charity has received a grant through the program that allows for the provision of a range of services for the purpose of promoting housing stability for eligible veteran families.

As resources allow, available services in Saint Louis Missouri include temporary financial assistance, health care, transportation services, legal services, and payments for child care. Eligibility requirements include earning a very low income, being a member of a veteran family, able to qualify for health insurance through the VA, and the veterans must also be occupying permanent housing or being homeless.

A limited zip code is served by St. Patrick Center, as noted above. The main office is at 800 N. Tucker Blvd., St Louis, Missouri 63101. Or dial 314-802-0700.



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