St. Tammany Parish public assistance.

The St. Tammany Parish Department of Children and Family Services (DSS/OFS) supports families as well as individuals that are out of options. The county office provides public aid from a wide array of resources. Find more information below on everything from cash from Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program to health care from Medicaid and more.

Grants for paying bills are available from a few different public assistance programs. They include FITAP (which is the local version of welfare) as well as LIHEAP. Other options may be section 8 housing or vouchers to pay for child care.

The funding for these St. Tammany Parish programs comes from various sources. They include the federal government Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Energy Department. Each will have their own application process in place, of which the staff from Children and Family Services can provide more information on how to go about doing this.

When qualified, the parish will issue public assistance as part of those resources. Grants may assist with paying electric or air conditioning bills from LIHEAP. FITAP, or Family Independence Temporary Assistance, is used for other basic living needs. The parish DSS office will approve the expenses to be paid, but FITAP can provide for housing, rent, food, clothing, and medications, among other expenses.

St. Tammany Parish Department of Children and Family Services food stamps are used as a form of hunger prevention. This public benefit is available on a monthly basis. Participants, many of who have children, are provided an EBT card that they can use to pay for groceries. Everything from formula to meets and fresh fruits or vegetables can be bought.

Hundreds of residents may in fact be qualified for SNAP but do not know it. The staff from DSS can go over the intake process and income guidelines. If someone is qualified, then they will assist with the application process.

Seniors in St. Tammany can receive additional help from Combined Application Project. DSS of St. Tammany also processes applications for this public program. It will help older residents buy the food they need, and it can also account for dietary needs such as ensure and similar goods.




Medical care is available from both clinics that partner with social services and federal government public programs such as Medicaid. Some of the locations for care include a Slidell location at 501 Robert Road, Slidell, Louisiana 70458. Call 985.607.0400. Or stop by 1301 N. Florida Street, Covington, LA 70433 (phone 985.400.5340).

CCAP, or the Child Care Assistance Program, is a key service available. Many families that receive public aid struggle to find affordable care for their child. This can often prevent them from attending training or maybe a job. So in these cases, St. Tammany Parish will help qualified parents pay for a portion of this cost.

The parent will need to be working or in job training in order to enroll. They also need to meet income guidelines. If eligible, the amount of assistance that participants receive each month will be based on the number of hours the parents attend school or work. It also considers the household size as well as income of the applicant.

In general, all appointments for any benefit indicated above, or for general guidance, are taken on a first come, first served basis. The household applying in St. Tammany needs to meet income levels for this public aid, and most is set by the state of Louisiana. Any support paid out will be based on conditions including cost of one month of bills, total household income, the number of individuals living in the home, and more.

If it is determined by the Department of Children and Family Services in St. Tammany Parish that additional documentation is required, then at the time the applicant will be notified. Also, those households reporting no income must provide additional documentation that supports the reason why. For more information, call 888-524-3578.



By Jon McNamara

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