Utility bill assistance in Spartanburg South Carolina.

Many people are faced with a number of financial challenges, and it is a scary time for many families. Hundreds of local Spartanburg South Carolina families are faced with a disconnection of their utility bills every month. Some people can't sleep at night as they are worrying about paying their energy and other bills, or staying cool during the summer.

The weak economy has caused many people to lose their job. With those unemployment checks many people need to make the difficult decision between paying their rent, utilities, or other expenses. For those people who receive a disconnection notice from the power company, there are several agencies and non-profits to call in the Spartanburg South Carolina area for help.

The Salvation Army is one of the many places you can turn to for emergency assistance with paying your electricity or cooling bill. Like most of the local agencies and organizations, funding is limited. Priority is usually for families with children, the disabled, and elderly in Spartanburg. The reason being is that if they lose power then they would be most negatively impacted and at risk.

These organizations do not operate like a welfare system, rather they just provide an opportunity to say, hey look, here is some short term help to allow you time to get back on your feet, or here is a helping hand for you. They may be able to assist because the organizations know that you may be experiencing a difficult moment.

In order to get help from the Spartanburg Salvation Army, while there's no income level cutoff, applicants need to provide the following:

  • Proof of total household income
  • Proof of a financial hardship, such as a job loss or medical emergency.
  • Photo ID
  • A disconnection notice from utility provider
  • Recent receipts of expenses, income, and details on your budget.





Most of the electric bill assistance available in Spartanburg, whether from the Salvation Army or another organization, is provided on a first come first serve basis. The money available to distribute is always very low and limited.

In past years, the total amount available to pay has been as high as $30,000, and much of the funding comes from a federal government. Duke Energy, which is a leading utility provider in South Carolina, also sponsors an assistance program. Read more on services offered by Duke Power.

The Salvation Army is not the only agency to try to call to ask for help. There are at least 9 other agencies in the Upstate area that offer emergency utility or cooling bill assistance. They all have limited funds, and oftentimes will even run out.

With the summer temperature in South Carolina sometimes exceeding 100 degrees plus, many people pray their power will not be shut off. However, please also be sure to be proactive, and don’t just hope or pray. Call some non-profit agencies, look into government assistance (including LIHEAP), and explore all available options. Including calling these organizations.

  • Urban League of SC - 562-4400
  • Greater Spartanburg Ministries:  864-585-9371
  • Total Ministries: 585-9167
  • Department of Social Services:  596-3001
  • District 5 Ministries: 439-7760
  • Helping Hands Ministry – phone number 476-2401
  • Spartanburg Salvation Army: 576-6670
  • Greer Relief: 348-5355
  • The Haven: 582-6737



By Jon McNamara

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