Seton Center emergency assistance and thrift stores.

The needy and low income in Frederick County can get help from the Seton Center. While resources are limited, they may have some occasional funds for residents facing a crisis, however the main program they operate is their thrift store. This is open to the general public and will provide basic needs, and residents with the lowest income may receive free items if they meet qualifications.

In a crisis, if the applicant is otherwise self-sufficient, the Seton Center may have funds for some or all of the needs listed below. The programs are available at the Outreach center. If there are not any funds available, then the organization may refer clients to other charities or churches in Frederick County.

Seton Center Outreach Office - This is a program for qualifying, low-income or under resourced residents of northern Frederick County. If qualified for help, they can receive emergency, short-term assistance with utilities or clothing. In addition, there may also be information and referrals to other charities or government programs, adult dental needs assistance, and local medical appointment transportation cost assistance.

In addition, staff address case management and systemic change programs. The Outreach Office is open Monday thru Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM, closed from 12-1 PM daily for lunch.




Medical care, including dental needs are provided. Most of this is part of the DePaul Dental program, and volunteers from the agency partner with area oral surgeons or dentists to provide low cost dental services, such as cleanings or extractions. It is not free, so the patients will still need to contribute towards the bill.

The care is focused on low income or uninsured adults. Clients are interviewed for access to the services as well as eligibility, and any help is provided to residents of Northern Frederick County only. If the assistance needed requires a specialist, then the DePaul program can offer a referral.





As part of the DePaul Dental Program, the not-for profit Seton Center partners with area oral surgeons or dental providers to provide support. together they offer low-cost dental services for eligible, low-income or uninsured adults who meet all the eligibility requirements. The DePaul Dental program also offers referral for any services beyond the scope of current providers.

Systemic Change Programs - This are for clients to help them get long term support. The specifics include:

Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead Programs – These are internationally recognized resources known for their interactive small group format. As part of this process, the point is no one “teaches” you what you want to learn – the client will need to discover what’s best for them.

Getting Ahead helps low-income individuals as well as the working poor in Frederick County Maryland build their resources needed for a better life. Staying Ahead helps Getting Ahead graduates continue working on their goals, build and share resources, network and learn leadership skills.

Build Your Resources is another option. This program offers varied, relevant, monthly resource workshops available to the entire community, regardless of income level as well as education. Subjects from the Seton Center will include many of the resources identified for success in the Getting Ahead program such as: Emotional, Financial, Hidden class rules, Integrity, Mental, Motivation, Physical, Relationships, Spiritual and Support systems.

Last, but not least, case management is a long-term relationship with a case manager to help neighbors as well as clients identify needs and goals, and then laying out a plan to achieve them.

Emergency short-term financial assistance may be offered. The Seton Center emergency short-term assistance in Frederick County is provided for persons facing difficulties in navigating governmental and program systems. This also includes support for clients with an electrical/utility disconnection or financial crisis.

Helping Hands Program at Seton Center - This dservice helps low-income and poor working families by providing assistance. They may be given free food store gift cards for holiday meals at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition to the food, for Christmas sponsors also provide toys and gift cards for children. At Easter, sponsors provide free Easter baskets for children and/or items to put in them.

Seton Family Store operates a high-quality, affordable thrift shop. It is open Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM, with 100% of the sale proceeds used to support Seton Center’s Outreach programs, emergency assistance and related services.




Individuals from all walks of life are able to shop for every-day needs. In addition to that, they can buy unique collectibles with independence and dignity. For a list of good, no-longer-needed items they accept and sell, go to their web site at

The current location of Seton Center’s Outreach Office and Family Store is 16840 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727. Sometime near July 2018, their location will move to 226 East Lincoln Avenue, Emmitsburg MD 21727. Follow them through their web site at and Facebook pages: Seton Family Store at and Outreach Office at  Their phone number is 301.447.6102.

By Jon McNamara

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