Sedgwick County water bill assistance.

Hundreds of local Sedgwick County families face disconnection of their water service every year. One of the programs that may be able to assist in a limited number of situations is the H2O Care Program. This depends on donations from the community and it can help families keep their water service on.

People across Wichita can donate money, and it will be tax deductible. This can be done on their bills and all funding will go towards the program and not to paying administrative costs. Your generous contribution can help keep the water on for low income families, senior citizens, and also less fortunate residents. Many households with young children or elderly members may benefit as well.

The city of Wichita has created this voluntary donation program to help those qualified people that are having trouble paying bills. A big reason it was created was in an effort to offset the ever increasing costs that households are facing. Families across Kansas and Sedgwick County are struggling immensely with making water bill payments. This continue to be the case even as the economy continues to slowly recover. The H2O Care Program can make a big difference in the lives of those that need it.

The fund is a last resort and is for emergency situations only. The H2O Care Fund will rely on the generosity of people and businesses across Sedgwick County. Anyone in the community can donate to the H2O Care Fund in a few different ways. They can ask the local Public Works & Utilities Department to round up their current water bill to the nearest dollar, with the extra amount going to the H2O Care Fund. Another option is to simply designate a fixed dollar amount to be added to their monthly water bills. Or they can just decide to make a donation directly to the H2O Care Fund by contacting the non-profit Center for Hope organization. See below for more information, including the address and phone number.

If you need help, want to apply, or are requesting another form of financial aid, then the Center for Hope may be able to help with that as well. The non-profit is a local social services agency that will administer H2O fund and also other public aid for the poor and less fortunate.





For example, the Wichita agency provides additional emergency financial assistance to families in need as well as offering budgeting, case management and other social services to those that qualify. It is important to note that the H2O Care Fund is modeled and designed after a similar and successful program the City operated in partnership with Westar Energy, known as Project DESERVE program.

If you do decide to donate, note that all contributions will go directly to the H2O Care Program. More information and forms are also being provided in brochures currently being delivered to households across the region. This will provide members of the region with additional information on how it works and what needs to be done in order to enroll or apply.

To learn more or to apply for emergency assistance, residents needing help with paying their water bills should contact the Center of Hope at 316 267-0222. The staff at the center will take phone calls from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays. Appointments will be scheduled for customers during the week.




By Jon McNamara

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