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SCANA will work with its natural gas customers in order to try to help them keep their heat on during the winter, and to stay cool during the summer. A number of services are offered for low income customers. Learn about Heating Energy Assistance Team (HEAT), discounted rates, and federal government programs such as LIHEAP. These financial assistance and grant programs all have qualifications that need to be met. The weak economy has been brutal to some individuals and families, so a higher number of Georgia households need assistance in paying their bills and heating their homes. SCANA can provide information and direction to families across Georgia, and help people make it through a difficult period. Call 1-877-467-2262 to speak to a representative.

SCANA does operate the Energy Regulated Division. This was offered in partnership and per the direction of the Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC). The state organization choose SCANA Energy to be a regulated provider of natural gas to low income customers across the region. So the energy company offers services to elderly as well as low-income consumers and families. They also provide natural gas to individuals with poor credit, and whose credit histories prevent them from obtaining natural gas service from another company. Eligible low-income consumers can purchase natural gas at special rates regulated from SCANAs Energy Regulated Division.

There are two main components to the program, and two classifications of customers can receive help. Qualified low-income consumers are able to purchase natural gas at a special, discounted rate that is established and regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC). This lower rate will allow them to save money on their bills. If your credit and payment history has been poor, then credit challenged customers are able to obtain heating and cooling service from SCANA even if they are denied service with other utility companies or natural gas marketers.

Another option is H.E.A.T., or Heating Energy Assistance Team. This is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta that provides financial assistance to low income customers and people who are struggling. The program is run by your local community action agency, so you need to apply there. When you call a community action agency, also look into other government programs such as weatherization or cash grants from LIHEAP.





The financial assistance focuses on helping with winter heating bills, and it relies on donations from customers, businesses, and other agencies. Funds are offered to families that are experiencing a potential loss of energy service or disconnection, and who are in need of getting their utility or gas service restored.

Funding is limited, and while the program starts during the winter, don’t wait too long before applying or learning program requirements. Find out what type of help is available before the cold weather kicks in. The agency also has a list of other resources and emergency programs for customers.

At the same time a SCANA Energy customer receives assistance from HEAT, the non-profit will provide helpful conservation tips. The organization will help explain what you can do today to help lower your energy bills year-round.

While people need to apply at local community action agencies, the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) distributes the H.E.A.T. funds. In order to qualify for financial assistance, applicants must meet eligibility guidelines and requirements. You can get that information, and applications, at the agency that serves your County in Georgia.

The program really depends on donations. So SCANA Energy, and other utility companies, make it easy for people to contribute. All donations are tax deductible. Customers of SCANA can actually donate through your monthly bill, or by mailing in a check.

Federal government support is provided from the low income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP) and weatherization. LIHEAP will distribute cash grants for paying bills, and families in Georgia can save money from weatherization. Both programs are focused on the working poor and very low income SCANA Energy customers.




By Jon McNamara

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