Saratoga Salvation Army assistance programs.

Families that need food or housing assistance may be able to receive help from the Salvation Army. The non-profit will provide low income and struggling families in the Saratoga New York region with information on these resources and occasionally the Salvation Army may have access to direct financial assistance for the needy. They also offer resources for the homeless and senior citizens.

If you are on the verge of eviction, or are currently homeless, then the various options available include some or all of the following. The first step is to look into emergency rental assistance to prevent an eviction to begin with. After that would be shelter, transitional housing units, then general support, assistance, and case management in obtaining permanent solutions. Note any funds for paying rent are very limited and often depend on private donations and government funding.

Comprehensive Shelters are maintained by the Salvation Army in the Saratoga New York region. These very short term shelters welcome all of the homeless who come to their door until they can no longer take anyone else. People who stay there can also receive comprehensive services such as meals, clothing, and personal items. The shelters are offered for single women, children, families, married couples, and others. Housing is also offered for trouble teens or single parents.

The next step in the rapid rehousing process is using the Transitional Housing program. This is generally available to families and individuals who have been in the care of Salvation Army shelters for at least 6 months. Clients who use this resource will also need a little extra support before forging their own path. So the Salvation Army may offer educational classes or Life skills training/workshops as they realize that these are crucial to promoting the continued success of the inhabitants. Also get help in finding employment in Warren County and/or Saratoga.

Very similar to above is Family Housing. These are other Salvation Army housing units that offer strategic programming to address homelessness and struggle in families. Some examples of that program assistance include counseling, addressing of substance abuse issues, parenting skills education, and life and career skills enhancement.




Food pantries and soup kitchens are available at most corps, which are the churches of The Salvation Army. The non-profit charity will offer food and grocery services to help the hungry in the community. Those in need of help are welcome to come and take nourishment from the feeding sites. Volunteers are always needed to work at the center and donations of fresh and canned food are appreciated as well. Some special Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas meals may be distributed too.

The Salvation Army will also offer miscellaneous Activities, Programs, and Seminars. This can include educational classes, hot-lunch programs, day care and pre-retirement seminars. These are just a few of the assistance programs that the army offers in the upstate New York region. Each location provides those who qualify a variety of activities to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Programs are available for seniors citizens too. The Salvation Army either has information on or operates low cost residential facilities for older adults in Saratoga County. It allows our senior citizens the ability to live in an atmosphere of acceptance, love and encouragement. At the same time seniors can benefit from other activities such as workshops, recreational activities, healthy meals, and even referrals to government support such as Medicare.

The primary Salvation Army center for the region, including Warren County, is 27 Woodlawn Ave, Saratoga Springs, New York. Telephone number is (518) 584-1640.




By Jon McNamara

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