Rogers County Salvation Army assistance programs.

Referrals to partners as well as direct financial aid from the Rogers County Salvation Army can help the less fortunate. Using money from their thrift store, the work of volunteers, and other sources of funding, the Christian faith charity has extensive social services available.

Some of the assistance is for addressing very short term financial needs. There may be limited funds for paying emergency expenses such as rent or grants for paying utility or heating bills from Share the Warmth. Any aid is a hand-up, and will require extensive case management. The applicant also needs to be able to prove their income and hardship, and show the ability to pay future bills or rent on their own. In addition, the monetary assistance is one time only.

Other more financial related needs can be for food, medical costs, or transportation. Much of this is addressed by the Rogers County Salvation Army in the form of vouchers. The charity can provide a voucher to reduce the out of pocket costs for a certain prescription drug. Or if the client needs transportation to a job interview or doctor visit, and no volunteer will drive them, then a free gasoline voucher may be used.

When it comes to financial help, this is always for an emergency and as a last resort. It will also take into effect issues from the applicant such as a medical crisis, job related need, or maybe a senior that is at risk if their heating bill goes unpaid. The team at the Salvation Army in Claremore always need to make a decision over who or can't be assisted with the limited resources available.

Additional social services in Claremore

Families often seek financial aid. Unfortunately the funds are very limited. But that is not the only thing the Salvation Army in Rogers County does. They offer other support as well, including some or all of the following.

  • Holiday assistance programs include Christmas toys, meals, gifts, and presents. One service is Adopt a Family.
  • Guidance from case management.
  • Basic household needs. This may be free clothes, winter hats or boots, furniture, and other items.





  • A free food pantry is at the Claremore office, and this has groceries, formula, and other items.
  • Disaster assistance and first response.
  • Summer camps as well as after school care for children.
  • Referrals are given to supportive housing that senior citizens can use.
  • Items can be loaned out to help people recovery from a surgery or while a client is facing short term disability. There are also other forms of support for the handicapped, including help while waiting on a disability claim.
  • Emergency shelters can house as well as feed the homeless for a night or two.
  • Transportation for seniors and the disabled.
  • Free school supplies.

Much of what is listed above using donations. They also rely on volunteers from across Rogers County. As an example, the back to school supply drive uses gift cards from Wal-Mart and shopping sprees with retailers. The Adopt a Family Christmas program also relies on donated toys and food. Other Salvation Army assistance programs in Claremore operate under the same concept.

Many of the social services from the Rogers County Salvation Army are fulfilled using referrals. There is only so much that the charity can do on its own. Instead they can work closely with DSS or other local charities. They also have information on state benefits that a family living in poverty can apply for, including food stamps, section 8 rental housing, or disability

The primary Rogers County Salvation Army office is at 522 W Will Rogers Blvd, Claremore, Oklahoma 74017. It is a church type charity, but is available to anyone in need. For intake or referrals, dial (918) 341-5000.




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