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A Property Tax Consultant Can Help Lower Property Tax Bills.

Property tax consultants have a role that is similar to property tax attorneys. There are some slight differences between them though, namely in their educational levels. For example, consultants will generally not have a special law degree. When it comes to challenging an assessment, homeowners can enlist the services of a property tax consultant to reduce their property tax bills.

They can serve many roles, including they can help you with determining if your property is assessed fairly, they can contact a local property tax assessor on your behalf, file the paperwork needed for an appeal, help you obtain all the necessary documentation and they will also attend all of the necessary hearings with you. Most of the property tax consultant organizations have their own qualified appraisers to help ensure your home is assessed fairly. The consultants will also have valuable resources and contacts for obtaining needed information before entering any required property tax hearing. Basically they have a number of tools at their disposal that can assist homeowners and they will ensure that you are prepared.

How much does a property tax consultant cost?

Most property tax consultants charge their customers on a contingency basis, which means that they work for free, unless they end up saving you money on your tax bill. If they save you money on your property tax expenses, they will charge you a percentage of the property tax bill savings. So basically you do not need to pay them unless they save you money. It is oftentimes a no lose situation for the homeowner. You should always try to hire on a contingency basis, and try not to hire a person who bills you hourly or charges you a flat fee.

Regardless of the state that you live in, property tax consultants need to be properly licensed, trained and educated to work as a tax consultant. To become licensed, a consultant typically needs to file an application with said state, understand and also commit to the proper code of ethics, have a criminal background check completed, and also complete the required education that the state board approves for all consultants in every individual state.

In some states, a licensed real estate broker can apply for and receive a property tax consultant license as well.





Should you enlist a property tax consultant or an attorney?

This is a question that is probably best answered by each person and it depends on many factors. Ask yourself, who will serve you better? In most situations, both of these experts will be more than suited for the work and task at hand. You may need to pay the real estate attorney more money, but both the tax consultant and the real estate attorney can do a superb job of helping you with any of your property tax bill issues and other home assessment needs you have.

The consultant may be more focused to your particular case and therefore provide better service. Compare that to an attorney who may have many more clients to work with at one time. The choice is really up to you; who will make you feel better about doing the work and what you want. Most property tax consultants work with their own real estate appraisers, which usually makes it faster and easier to get the results you need (such as an assessment reviewed) than the real estate attorney, who may have to wait for an appraiser company to become available.

Find what to look for in a property tax consultant.

In either case, you will be choosing someone that is more than qualified to help you dispute your property tax bill or any other concerns you may have with the home assessment or real estate taxes. Be sure to keep in mind that if you use a property tax consultant or a real estate attorney, you will still need to pay them to represent you. However, many property tax consultants will work on a contingency basis, while that is less common for a real estate attorney.

By Jon McNamara

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