Philadelphia Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center.

Fannie Mae has partnered with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley, government officials, and local non-profits in the community to open a Mortgage Help Center in Philadelphia. The location will allow homeowners to meet face to face with highly trained and experienced HUD certified housing counselors.

The primary purpose of the Philadelphia Mortgage Help Center is to provide homeowners with free counseling, education and other assistance to struggling homeowners in the area. The center also hopes that individuals contact them for help before they fall behind on their monthly mortgage payments, as the earlier someone acts the better.

Fannie Mae has opened several other mortgage Help Centers across the nation. They usually partner with local credit and housing counseling agencies, and each center will have HUD approved staff on site. Each and every day hundreds of homeowners stop by the centers across the nation for access to the free services.

Mortgage assistance services offered

The number of programs and type of services offered are extensive. As just an example of some of the services available at the Philadelphia Center include one-on-one foreclosure prevention consultations with experienced housing counselors. They will get your entire financial situation, and together you will review the details of your outstanding mortgage loans and financing options. The highly trained and knowledgeable counselor will explain the range of options and solutions that are available to you. They will help borrowers apply for loan modifications and workouts and other alternatives to foreclosure. And services are available to all homeowners, regardless of income, and they are offered in both English and Spanish. All advice and consultations are confidential.




The counselors will also work directly with your mortgage servicer or bank if needed as well. The staff at the Philadelphia Mortgage Help Center help families and individuals coordinate with their mortgage servicers and ensure an efficient response time. The counselor can enter into direct negotiations or mediation sessions with your lender. Those homeowners who are experiencing fraud, or who had predatory or illegal loans provided to them can also get assistance.


Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley is a local non-profit credit and housing counseling agency that will be working with Fannie Mae. Counselors from this organization will also be accessible to homeowners at the center, and they as well offer a host of foreclosure prevention programs that hundreds of Philadelphia area homeowners have used over the years.

To contact the Philadelphia Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center dial 866-442-8570.





By Jon McNamara

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