Pasadena Water and Power assistance programs.

Occasionally customers of Pasadena Water and Power, or PWP, may need some additional time or support to pay their bills. The company offers qualified low income and struggling customers a few different programs, including discounts. Individuals also have the ability to apply for government assistance as well on their energy bills.

Discounts can be provided by Pasadena Cares. This will offer at most a $7.50 per month credit on your account. Applicants need to meet different income levels, and if so certain charges will be waived. In addition, the applicant needs to be a senior (meet age requirements), and/or be disabled.

Direct financial aid is provided by Project A.P.P.L.E., which is formally known as Assisting Pasadena People with Limited Emergencies. The energy company can provide a one-time cash grant of up to $100 per year. The funds are for income qualified and working poor customers. The money will help them keep their power on when faced with a crisis. A number of people can receive help from Project APPLE. The recipient may be a person struggling with a disability, a single-income family with young children, the unemployed, or maybe a senior scraping by on a small monthly Social Security payment.

Low-income Pasadena Water and Power customers who are faced with a shut-off can apply for a Project APPLE grant Monday through Friday. Applications are accepted at the Jackie Robinson Center, which is located at 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Those who apply will be asked to present proof of income, their ID (maybe social security cards), and a past-due PWP bill. You will also need to bring your original delinquent shut-off notice. Other proof my be needed too.

If you are found to be eligible for aid, then recipients will be approved on the spot. They will also be given a voucher to present at the City’s Municipal Services Payment Center at Pasadena City Hall. This will be applied towards their monthly utility bill. For more information, hours, or qualifications, then dial (626) 744-7300.

Project A.P.P.L.E. relies on donations from the community. It is a program that is made possible through the generous contributions of local businesses and customers. PWP understands that tough times, such as a job loss or medical condition, can hit anyone at anytime. Please donate if you can, and the money is tax deductible. Hundreds of families with children, seniors, and people facing a crisis have received emergency financial assistance over the years.




Another option is Cares or Cares Plus. This will offer a small discount/credit on your account. The conditions that need to be met are as follows. Applicants need to be at least age 62 or older or are permanently disabled in order to qualify for Cares or Cares Plus. For the disability condition, the customer will also need to meet the requirements as established by the federal government Social Security Administrations Supplemental Income for the Aged, Blind and Disabled. If you are applying as a permanently disabled individual, then you need submit a printout proving this and it needs to be from the Social Security Administration Office.

Another option from Pasadena Water and Power is the Medical Assistance Program. This is for customers in California with an approved medical condition. The applicant needs to submit a note on letterhead signed by your medical professional or doctor that describes the home equipment that you need. The equipment you use also must be plugged in and not battery operated. Only certain conditions and equipment will be covered by PWP.

Other bill payment assistance programs may be offered, often in partnership with community action agencies. They can include LIHEAP or weatherization. Most of these programs must be applied for in person. Also, if you need help paying your gas bills (which is not covered by PWP) then dial 800-427-2200 for possible solutions on that expense.




By Jon McNamara

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