Outreach United Resource Center programs.

Outreach United Resource Center is a non-profit that provides short term support to qualified low income families in the Longmont region. The non-profit will combine any type of funds with self-sufficiency and more stabilization type resources, and the amount of assistance available from the agency is extensive.

The main priority is to help low-income Longmont and Boulder County area families with children. There may be basic needs provided, such as shelter, low income, housing rent, utilities, and even limited prescription medications in some conditions. Households with no children may be able to receive assistance as well in some cases, after the circumstances have been thoroughly assessed.

Any help offered by OURC will depend on available resources. If the agency can’t assist, then they also provide referrals to other community service agencies in the event that a client needs services that are not available at the Resource Center.

They operate an emergency food pantry that helps support and feed hundreds of families per month with free groceries, meals, and even information on benefits such as SNAP food stamps. Both walk-ins are welcome, and Outreach United Resource Center will also accept referrals provided by other non-profits or intake caseworkers.

The Longmont area pantry is stocked by donations and is also staffed and run by volunteers, who help clients with completing vouchers and making selections from the section of items. In many cases, these generous pantry volunteers also manage donations by sorting or weighing food, marking out bar codes on the boxes, and stocking shelves for clients. The free vouchers are available at the Atwood Street Intake Center in Longmont Colorado.

An Emergency Shelter is available to the newly evicted and otherwise homeless families. The program provides at most a one-night stay at a local motel. This will also be followed up with a meeting with a caseworker at the Resource Center to address the cause of the homelessness.

In order to be considered eligible for shelter assistance, clients of the non-profit who are requesting this short term lodging much be able to demonstrate that they have been residents of the greater Longmont Colorado area at least one month.




Case management and social workers furnish housing referrals to the homeless for low income apartments or even transitional housing resources. Solutions from OURC may include a linkage to a temporary accommodation or a list of low-income housing options in Boulder County.

Rental assistance is available, but this will be one-time, emergency basis only. In order to determine whether a client is eligible for any financial support, the agency will require verification of the rental address, identification, information in regard to household income and expenses, and details on family composition. This program does not provide any aid for landlord application or credit check fees, deposits, or late fees.

Utility and heating bill assistance is for energy bills, and stopping disconnections. Any support from Outreach United Resource Center is also on a one-time-only, emergency basis. Applicants must furnish proof of hardship and more, such as ID information on income and expenses.

OURC partners with counseling agencies such as Intercambio Comunidades in presenting a Financial Literacy Course to clients. The session covers the development of skills in managing credit or money, increasing income, paying down debts, opening and managing bank accounts, and interpreting financial information.

They also offer Self-Sufficiency Classes, which provide educational, practical, and inspirational support to help those who are either close to being homeless or are living on the streets or in a shelter. This support is also for people who are in the process of obtaining permanent housing and breaking the cycle of poverty. Each Self-Sufficiency class focuses on developing a life plan with realistic and tangible goals, with the aim of preventing homelessness in the future.





Assistance with obtaining dental work or prescription eyeglasses is available for eligible Boulder County residents in partnership with certified optometrists and medical providers. Before any type of benefits are provided for either service, anyone seeking help will be required to undergo an assessment by a caseworker.

If qualified, emergency assistance or vouchers will be made available to qualifying clients for obtaining prescription medications, such as antibiotics prescribed by a doctor or items needed for a hospital stay. This program has the same requirements as the ones described above, such as income requirements and more.

Free bus passes or tokens are available for those who have verifiable appointments for medical appointments or job interviews. This program also provides support to those who have received approval for transportation assistance to begin work at a new job.

Child care is arranged as part of the Aspen Center for Child Development. This location also offers technology, science, engineering, and math (STEM) based educational programming in all classrooms and it operates an exceptional full-day early childhood educational program for children from six weeks to six years of age.

The STEM services from Outreach United Resource Center are based on the principle of leveraging a child’s natural curiosity to and foster lifelong proficiency, all with the goal to create a foundation for success beyond Pre-K and into a successful future as part of the community’s workforce.

For more details, Outreach United Resource Center is based at 303 Atwood St., Longmont, CO 80501, telephone 303-772-5529.



By Jon McNamara

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