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Oklahoma City Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities offers case management and emergency aid to residents of Oklahoma City. The objective is to help people gain stability and self-sufficiency. Clients will work with staff, get referrals and be able to attend support groups.

One of the primary resources is known as Family HOPE. This is a long-term Catholic Charity case management program that works with individuals to improve their economic situation. Work with a case manager on creating goals and get referrals to community resources and tools. While people may be able to apply for government financial assistance, the goal is to really help individuals gain self-sufficiency. That is what Catholic Charities focuses on.

HOPE can, among other things, provide transitional housing to needy families. If you qualify, your monthly rent will be based on your total income. Tenants will not be responsible for paying their utility bills while they stay in the housing units. Ongoing case management will be offered, which includes career counseling and employment opportunities. Also get help in working towards permanent housing and self-sufficiency. Tenants will also be able to receive assistance in accessing educational and/or vocational training within the community.

Disaster recovery is available. This includes case management for individuals and families in Oklahoma City who live in federally declared disaster regions. People impacted by man made issues, such as fires, may also be qualified. A case manager works with the applicant in order to develop and implement a recovery plan that will help the person achieve economic self-sufficiency and stabilize their household. Receive assistance including emergency food, financial assistance, shelter, job counseling and advocacy.

Catholic Charities administers an Immigration Assistance Program. It will provide information and low cost legal services to low-income individuals and families who face obstacles to family unity. It will also help those who are faced with diminished social, personal, and economic opportunities as a result of their immigration status. Legal Services Attorneys work with Catholic Charities and the lawyers are available to provide educational programs and other support on immigration legal issues. Receive Consultation, Representation, Information on Political Asylum, Green Card Replacement, and Family Petitions/Registry. Centers in Oklahoma City, Enid and Guymon all offer immigration assistance.




Refugees are supported as well. Catholic Charities works with a partnership with the U.S. Department of State. National Volunteer Agencies work with local Resettlement Programs to offer qualified clients a new opportunity in life. The immigration and refugee resettlement program will assist newly arrived people in finding safety, stability, self-sufficiency, and case managers will help them integrate into the Oklahoma City community. Services offered include free food, low income housing, gently used clothing, limited financial assistance, education, furniture/living supplies, community orientation, transportation assistance, health care, job development/skills training, employment opportunities, and referrals to non-profits and community partners.

Employment services and career counseling is offered for the jobless, immigrants, and others. Having a decent paying job, with some stability, is key to reaching self-sufficiency. Stable employment is a vital step in the process. Catholic Charities offers residents as well as local Oklahoma City businesses a variety of potential employees possessing both professional and technical skills. The talent pool that is on call can have hard-working laborers, skilled craftsmen and creative professionals. Many job seekers bring skills and experiences that are valuable in the workplace.

Sanctuary Women's Development Center will offer homeless and low-income children and women with access to support, resources, and advocacy. It will help people alleviate the effects of poverty within the state and county. Beneficiaries can also gain the tools to overcome homelessness. The charity will provide a host of social services to homeless and at-risk women. Receive assistance accessing services such as vocational and employment development, daycare and Early Head Start, solution-focused advocacy and self-efficacy group. Resource referral and other general rent/housing assistance may be offered as well.

Trained volunteers and social workers from churches and Catholic Charities in Oklahoma City will assess the personal strengths and needs of participants including income and benefits, health and nutritional status, mental health status, and vocational/employment concerns. The assessment also identifies domestic violence, legal and child abuse issues or concerns.

While the Sanctuary Women's Development Center program focuses on the needs of women and children who live in shelters, other assistance programs and services are available to those who are at risk of becoming homeless. This includes low-income families living in the neighborhood, tenants on the verge of evictions, and others.





Catholic Charities is also focused on addressing the root cause of poverty. The national organization is one of the nation's leading domestic anti-poverty, social justice agencies of the United States Catholic Bishops. They offer support and work with community-controlled, self-help organizations. Charities across the state and Oklahoma City provide grants, economic development and educational services to the poor.

Another program is Holy Family Home. This is a housing assistance resource and will encourage individuals to achieve long-term success and permanent housing. Residents of the Catholic Charity centers will work with professional staff setting goals regarding employment, job training, education, income, and personal growth to create their own success. Case managers offer a holistic approach to helping each person to achieve their full potential.

The address of the Catholic Charity main office is 1501 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73106. Telephone (405) 523-3000.




By Jon McNamara

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