New York City RAP Rental Assistance Program from Coalition for the Homeless.

There are several components to the RAP - Rental Assistance Program that is administered by the Coalition for the Homeless. The non-profit agency is one of the leading organizations in the New York City region that focuses on preventing evictions and assisting the homeless. The program will provide qualified low income families with a subsidy that can be used to pay a portion of their rent and monthly housing costs. There is also budgeting, counseling, and other support services provided by RAP.

With the ever increasing cost of housing in the greater New York City region, some studies estimate that as many as 20% of the population struggle to make their monthly payments. It is very challenging to keep up with those payments as well as other expenses, such as utilities, child care, and transportation costs. So while this subsidy is very limited in both dollar amounts available as well as the number of families that can be assisted, the bottom line is the Coalition for the Homeless will do what it can to assist the less fortunate.

The subsidy from Rental Assistance Program can usually pay a grant that is up to a few hundred dollars per month, with some additional support to pay a security deposit if needed. The financial aid may also be in the form of a loan, and in either case it can last for up to 24 months. There are a number of conditions that need to be met, and some of them may include the following.

  • Individuals or applying need to be working and hold some type job.
  • Applicants need to be living in a domestic violence or homeless shelter. Or if they are not in one of those facilities, then they need to still be considered homeless.
  • Of course, the Rental Assistance Program subsidy is only for low income qualified residents. It is generally or very low income families, such as an income in the $1000 to $1500 dollar per month range. The number of members of the home may come into consideration as well.
  • Participants will need to find and sign a lease for their own low income, affordable apartments within one to two months of receiving the subsidy.

Any type of grants to pay rent or a deposit from Coalition for the Homeless will come with other support too. Families will need to participate in job search programs, case management, education as well as employment activities. Participants of the RAP program will also need to meet with social workers and/or case managers each and every month, often more than once.




This case management is often key to the RAP program. Staff from the coalition work closely with participants and families from New York City in an effort to create and implement strategies to increase their earnings potential, job skills, and overall ability to make their rent payment independently on their own in the future.

So this covers a wide range of issues, such as educational or vocational training programs. Get help in developing a long term financial plan, assistance with locating a higher paying job, and assisting with resume building. You will tackle a broad range of issues that often accompany evictions and homelessness.

As part of the RAP subsidy, case managers from Coalition for the Homeless will also stay in contact with participants for up to two year, even after the financial assistance ends. They want to ensure the client remains stable and self-sufficient. So this can in fact serve as a long term resource.

For more information on this Coalition for the Homeless rental program, or for other possible solutions, call the Coalition for the Homeless at 212-776-2000 or dial 212-776-2141.



By Jon McNamara

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