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New Jersey health care for uninsured.

Several New Jersey programs can help the uninsured and patients with limited health insurance access the health care they need. When a family lacks comprehensive insurance they will often struggle with paying their medical bills, so the state will do what they can to provide some form of free or low cost coverage to them.

Thousands of families have lost their insurance coverage due to job losses or maybe their employer has cut back or eliminated the plan. Many others have policies that do not cover all of their costs or needs. These individuals tend to be the primary beneficiaries of these state sponsored programs. However note that the demand for help is high and resources are limited, so apply as early as possible. The main government and non-profit resources in New Jersey are below.

Adult Cystic Fibrosis Assistance is when the state of New Jersey will provide direct financial assistance for patients with cystic fibrosis. Resources offered are wide ranging and can help with prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, nutritional supplements, and other co-payments that are due for your bills. 800-367-6543.

New Jersey ADDP - AIDS Drug Distribution Program can also offer prescriptions for low-income and uninsured individuals. The applicant’s income needs to be less than 500% of the federal government poverty level and they also need to have a proof of their condition from a doctor that has certified their need for the covered medications. Telephone number is 800-624-2377.

Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund, or CICRF, can provide reimbursement for medical and hospital bills that may be incurred due to child's acute or chronic illness. It will only help “children” who were under the age of 21 when the expense was incurred and it will only help for an expense that is not covered by government or private insurance. Some of what may be paid for includes specialized pediatric ambulatory care, hospital care, addictions/mental health services, pharmaceuticals, medically related home modifications, medical transportation, and some other costs. Call 800-335-3863 for an application.




New Jersey also has a number of charity care programs. This is a statewide payment assistance service that is offered by most hospitals, in particular non-profit facilities. It will ensure that those who are eligible can receive free or reduced charge health care. Any applicants need to meet income levels and they can’t have existing health insurance coverage or they may be under insured. Patients also can’t be qualified for any private or governmental sponsored coverage, such as Medicare or Medicaid. Call 866-588-5696 for information or read more on health care for the uninsured.

The End Stage Renal Disease Patient Assistance Program will coordinate financial reimbursement for supplements that may be needed for people receiving renal analysis. It can also pay for any needed medications and supplements for people with ESRD. Care must be obtained at Medicare approved dialysis facilities. 800-367-6543

Equipment Distribution is a resource for the deaf, blind, and/or people that are hard of hearing. Free assistive devices may be distributed by non-profits and other government sponsored agencies. Recipients can receive text telephones (TTY), smoke detectors, Amplified and Voice Carry Over (VCO) and Hearing Carry Over telephones, carbon monoxide detectors, baby cry alert systems, and more. Usually beneficiaries can receive equipment at most once every 5 years. 800-792-8339





Most counties in New Jersey run what is called a Respite Care Program. This is when your local government, working with the state and agency on aging centers, provides financial assistance that is to be used to pay for the respite care to families with a household member having disabilities. Aid is also offered if you have an elderly household member. The beneficiary may need to pay for a share of the costs as well. 877-222-3737.

Cancer Education and Early Detection (NJCEED) is screening and testing for breast and/or cervical cancer. Receive free clinical breast exams, Pap tests; mammograms, and more. All resources are provided per American Cancer Society guidelines and regulations. 800-328-3838

New Jersey FamilyCare is public health care and insurance coverage for low-income and uninsured families. Coverage is also provided for children as well. Receive financial help in paying for doctor visits, regular checkups, eyeglasses, hospitalization, x-rays, prescription medications, mental health, and other dental services. Main phone number is 800-701-0710.

FamilyCare Advantage this is similar to above. It is government sponsored health insurance for uninsured families who do not have any form of insurance and who also have a household member under the age of 19. It is only offered if you don’t qualify for NJ FamilyCare (above). Enrollees may also need to contribute a reasonable premium based on family size and income. 800-637-2997.

Health Insurance Continuation Program (HICP) is focused on HIV/AIDS patients. It can provide financial assistance to allow patients to keep their health insurance. Most people who benefit can no longer work or they only can work part time. HICP pays your monthly premiums for health insurance including any family insurance costs for spouse and/or children. 800-353-3232

Medicaid is the primary federal and state of NJ medical assistance program. It is health insurance for needy families with dependent children, the elderly, blind or disabled, as well as pregnant women. In addition to meeting income levels, applicants need to include a child younger than 19, be age 65 or older, and also are disabled. Call 800-356-1561.

NJ Protect is the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. The federal government and state can coordinate health insurance for those denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. An extensive amount of assistance is offered, including primary and specialty care, prescription drugs, and hospital care. Those who enroll will need to pay some deductibles, out of pocket limits, and premiums. Telephone 866-681-7368.

Another option is WorkAbility, which is full Medicaid health insurance coverage to individuals with disabilities who are currently employed and whose income would otherwise make them ineligible for standard Medicaid. You need to be working in order to apply. Call 888-285-3036 for details.





Personal Preference Program, or PPP, will allow disabled and elderly adult Medicaid recipients to manage their daily non-emergency, health related tasks. Individuals will receive a monthly cash allowance from the state. They will be able to work with a consultant to develop a Cash Management Plan to determine the exact services they need and to figure out how they will pay for them. Funds can be used to pay for their daily needs and expenses, including light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, and meal prep. 888-285-3036

Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled is government insurance to help families pay for prescribed drugs, insulin, and supplies. While terms and funding can change, in general it will help by setting co-payment of $7 for each brand name drug as well as $5 for each covered generic drug. Also keep in mind that beneficiaries may even pay less than $5 for generic drugs if their Medicare plan charges them less than the levels set by New Jersey. 800-792-9745

Senior Gold Prescription Discount is a program that focuses just on senior citizens and disabled adults. Financial assistance may be provided for prescriptions in the form of $15 copay plus 50% of remaining cost. There are some caps in place. For those senior citizens on Medicare, the Senior Gold program can reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Call 800-792-9745.

Traumatic Brain Injury Fund, or TBI, will contribute to services for individuals who have survived a brain injury. Funding can change from year to year, but some individuals may be eligible for up to $15,000 per year. Lifetime caps will be put into place as well so this is not unending charity care. The money can be used to pay for cognitive therapy, home modifications, service coordination, assistive technology, neuropsychological services, physical, occupational, pharmaceuticals, and speech therapies. 888-285-3036





Vaccines may be offered for children from uninsured families as part of (VFC). Low cost medications and vaccinations are distributed from local non-profit clinics and government qualified health care centers. Even some common ailments may be covered, such as influenza, mumps, and measles. 609-826-4860.


By Jon McNamara

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