New Horizons Manchester New Hampshire assistance programs.

New Horizons is focused on helping the currently homeless and individuals facing eviction in the Manchester and Hillsborough County New Hampshire area. The agency provides services including shelter, transitional housing, and case management. All of this, and more, is intended to help individuals access self-sufficiency.

Clients of the agency will need to meet with a case manager from New Horizons. Together they will come up with goals and an action plan in order to regain stability and find a permanent home or apartment. Some of the other assistance includes a soup kitchen, food pantry, and basic medical care, including help from a Homeless Health Care Team.

The staff from the agency helps determine the individual’s eligibility for various government benefits, low income housing options, job training opportunities, and life skills development programs. Staff will strongly encourage clients to seek employment and improve their financial situation. Also learn about other Hillsborough County non-profit service organizations.

Social workers partner with staff on breaking patterns which contributed to their becoming homeless. This can include support groups and help in overcoming additions as well. After a client successfully goes through the case management process and leaves the shelter, people can still get ongoing support even after they live in their new home.

Medical care for the homeless and uninsured is part of Health Care for the Homeless Program of Manchester, or HCH. Assistance is offered at different sites, including New Horizons and their New Hampshire Shelter as well as their Families in Transition Housing program. Key partners that help fund the clinics are the Manchester Health Department and also the nearby Catholic Medical Center.

If you are behind on your rent and at risk of being homeless, or currently homeless, then you are welcome to use the HCH Manchester Clinic. A number of solutions are available, including the community clinic services include nurse case management, primary medical care, mental health care, addiction counseling, social services, and assistance with entitlements such as Medicaid, Food stamps and Disability applications.  In addition, some free dental care and eye care is available on a limited basis. No one is turned away from receiving needed medical attention due to an inability to pay the bills.




Services are offered by volunteers such as nurse practitioners, physicians, social workers, psychiatric nurse practitioner, three nurses, and other professionals. HCH Manchester and New Horizons also collaborates with social service agencies and specialty health care providers across New Hampshire in order to ensure comprehensive medical care for all patients. The phone number is 603-663-8718.

Women from Hillsborough County can use the Angie's Shelter for Women. This is more than a shelter but rather is a homelike residence. Guests can also access personal development to achieve self sufficiency for homeless women. Get help in locating and moving into permanent housing and independent living. Importantly, case managers may have information on resources to pay the deposit or first months rent on the new home. Other support provided to women, including single parents, is help in locating permanent full-time employment; saving money; budgeting; searching for housing; and taking advantage of government supportive services.

Veterans in Manchester New Hampshire can also get support from New Horizons House. The agency works with the Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) as well as the US Department of Labor’s Homeless Veterans Re-integration Program, or HVRP.

The veterans and their families can get support and advice from a part-time vocational manager and also a full-time case manager. They work with the homeless and people facing poverty. They can get help in locating employment and supportive services, as well as general outreach.




A general emergency shelter is open too. It is available to homeless individuals from the county. It offers referrals to treatment services (if needed), free meals, a place to stay, and other support. Dinner is available to both senior citizens, the homeless, and poor.

New Horizons food assistance

A Food Pantry from New Horizons is available for income qualified people residing in Manchester or Hillsborough County who are facing extreme financial hardship in the county. Families, seniors and individuals from the region can utilize the food bank about once per month. If they qualify, they can receive free pre-packed groceries based on their income as well as the number of individuals residing in the household. Clients can select from choices of vegetables, fresh fruits, meats and even some limited bakery items.

A soup kitchen and bread line is also available from New Horizons. It serves meals such as dinner which always includes entree, fruits, sides, a robust salad, dessert and choice of milk, soft drinks and coffee. Proof of hardship, income, and other documentation is needed. Also, many churches, schools, businesses, supermarkets and individuals in Hillsborough County consistently contribute to the pantry as well.

The programs from New Horizons can be reached at (603) 668-1877.



By Jon McNamara

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